Riley Emmerson Assigned to Amerks!

October 21, 2008 - By

Riley Emmerson has been assigned to the Rochester Americans.   Check him out in some YouTube videos. Look for more information on him later today.

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  1. Crunch fan says:

    Dude Looks big but He’s no Mac attack. Mirasty is going to have this youngster for dinner!

  2. With Mirasty calling Duco a rat, and the arrival of Emmerson this Saturdays game could be entertaining!

  3. Crunch fan says:

    Should be interesting, but word out of the Crunchs morning skate is he’s a big kid But needs to Bulk up to be able to handle Mirasty and the other AHL heavyweights. Ive been told Joel Rechlisz(Spelling?) beat him up pretty bad twice last year, and Johnny beat joel up twice also last year, then he wouldn’t fight nasty again. We had heard that the Panthers put out feelers to Kip Brennan, who is in Europe but is not at all happy and wants to come Back to the AHL. I wonder what went wrong there, or if Kip has signed with someone else. One other thing Dorsett may be back for Saturdays game so Duco will have someone to go with, since he wouldn’t with Sesito which was wise.