Goals (for this site) for 2009

One of the keys to success in maintaining a web site that continues to grow over time is to have an understanding of the ‘online world’ and how it grows, evolves, changes, etc.. There isn’t any type of formal class or text book that can help a person accomplish those things, so understanding where to find information on the ever changing cyberspace is crucial.  It’s also important to be an active user and participant, not just a wall flower

Whether you have a web site that is intended to make you money or you’re just blogging about your personal life it’s important to set goals, sort of like a business plan (even if you aren’t in it for the money – we aren’t).  So when I read Daniel Scocco’s post titled “What are your internet goals for 2009?” it put my brain into over drive.

So here’s some goals for Lets Go Amerks! for 2009:

  • Market and promote the site.  Up until now it’s just been a field of dreams, we built it and people came.  Need to go well beyond that in 2009.
  • Network, Network, and more networking!
  • Read the book Sports Media: Reporting, Producing, and Planning
  • Be listed somewhere on the first page of Google for the keywords ‘Amerks’ and ‘Rochester Americans’
  • At least two player interviews a month
  • Conduct at least three informal surveys
  • Get a logo designed

None of the goals have anything to do with specific number of visitors or subscribers.  I’m a believer in the concept that if you have a quality product and can market and promote it well enough you’ll be able to have positive growth month after month.

Thanks for reading a post that has nothing to do with hockey!

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Keith Wozniak

About the author... I started LetsGoAmerks.com in 2007 when there was a hole in the media universe regarding coverage of the Rochester Americans (there still is). The team has provided media access which allows us to obtain information and interviews. You won't find coverage about the team like this anywhere else! Click the icons to the side and follow along on Twitter as well.
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