Happy New Year, Matthias is Back!

January 1, 2009 - By

Shawn Matthias

The Florida Panthers sent Shawn Matthias back to Rochester after one game in Long Island against the Islanders.  He should either be with the team as they travel to Winnepeg, or will be meeting them there.

Matthias was on the ice for ten shifts that totalled an amazing 4 minutes and 14 seconds of ice time.  Apparently he was called up to show some of the other Panthers that they can be replaced, or something to that effect.  If that’s the case, one has to wonder what they’re thinking by putting Matthias up there.  He was expected to be highly productive and hasn’t even come close.

Recently coach Benoit Groulx made Stefan Meyer a healthy scratch in a game against the Grand Rapids Griffins for not doing as much as he should, if that’s the way things are going to happen it seems as if Matthias should be the next player benched for doing nothing.

It’s gotten to the point now that any sort of rookie jitters or just not wanting to be here should have gotten out of his system… it’s time to put some points on the board Shawn.. you know we’re fans, now prove you can play.

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  1. Crunch fan says:

    You guys do an awesome Job! I was wondering do you do this on your own time or do you work for the Amerks? With SU doing well and the Crunch being like the back in the day crunch we have NO coverage of them what so Ever. Excellent job by both of you.

  2. Keith Wozniak says:

    Thanks!!! We do this all on our own time. We’re a couple of season ticket holders who love the team and took this up as a side project. The Amerks have been nice enough to recognize us which has helped.