A Couple of Things on Ellerby, Peters and Booth

As much as I love the summer time, there’s no better way to spend the first day of fall than inside of Blue Cross Arena watching some hockey.  The Panthers finished up their morning skate and now it’s the Bruins turn on the ice.  Tuukka Rask will be getting the start in net for the Bruins, Tomas Vokoun for the Panthers.  We’re in for a treat with these two goalies.

I’ll have more as the day goes on, here’s just a couple of things..

After the morning skate David Booth  said that he’s excited to play again and in a building where he started his professional career.  While smiling he said, “I just need to keep my head up.”

Andrew Peters  knows his role and said that he does not plan his fights but is always ready to fight if needed.  He’s determined to prove that he’s a great 4th line player and is going to do everything he can to not be sent down to the Amerks.  Peters was asked about his fight with his brother in the AHL years ago and he laughed saying, “my moms an attorney and I had to sign a document saying I’d never talk about it.”

When asked about Keaton Ellerby, Pete DeBoer said that Ellerby put on 20 pounds of muscle over the summer and he needs to be more assertive.  He’s not going to be leading the power play but he needs to be someone who can lead with the puck down the ice.  Ellerby picked #4 for his jersey, which was the same number Jay Bouwmeester wore.  Ellerby had been compared to Bouwmeester but that’s not why he picked 4, he said that’s always been his favorite number and was excited when he found out it was available.

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