McArdle and Grant Saturday Night Fight Videos

In preseason games players like Kenndal McArdle and Triston Grant are playing their hearts out trying to show some toughness and skill to keep them on the NHL roster for the regular season.  On Saturday night both of them dropped the gloves to try and show some energy and skills and here’s the results.  McArdle and Stuart was more of a wrestling match and Lucic had the upper hand on Grant but it was a decent fight.

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Kenndal McArdle vs Mark Stuart

Triston Grant vs Milan Lucic

Training camp on Monday morning at 10:15am at Blue Cross Arena, be there!

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Keith Wozniak

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  1. IMO, this is why Grant should be on the Amerks. Lucic wouldn’t fight Peters, but easily handled Grant. Grant can be more of a player in the A.

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