Home Opener to Feature Over 50 Alumni and Over 8000 Fans

The Amerks home opener is on Thursday and it appears as if the game could have the biggest crowd in the past decade and will also have more than 50 alumni in attendance.  Ticket sales are creeping closer and closer to 8,000 so if you have not purchased a ticket yet I’d suggest doing it now to avoid lines on Thursday evening.

The red carpet event is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. when the current Amerks players enter The Blue Cross Arena.  Following that, fans will be able to re-live the storied history of the Rochester Americans by watching Alumni walk the red carpet, where they will sign autographs and pose for pictures.  The list of scheduled attendees includes 13 Amerks Hall of Famers, 14 Amerks Calder Cup champions and 13 former Amerks captains.
The following Amerks Alumni members are currently scheduled to attend the Home Opener festivities:
Peter Ambroziak (1991-95)
Donald Audette (1989-91, 1992-93)
Kevin Bolibruck (2000-01, 2002-03)
Jason Botterill (2002-05)
Paul Brydges  (1986-1989)
Jozef Cierny (1992-93)
Gordie Clark (1974-78)
Adam Creighton (1984-86)
Joe Crozier (1963-69, 1983-84)
Daryl Drader (1977-81)
Richie Dunn (1985-90)
Steve Dykstra (1982-85, 1986-88)
Bob Ellett (1972-74)
Craig Fisher (1998-00)
Rory Fitzpatrick (2001-03, 2004-05, 2008-10)
Jody Gage (1985-96)
Dick Gamble (1961-1970)
Ron Garwasiuk (1974-80)
Doug Gibson (1974-77)
Richard Hajdu (1984-88)
Chris Halyk (1979-82)
Jim Hofford (1984-90)
Trent Kaese (1987-89)
Kevin Kerr (1987-90)
Steve Langdon (1974-79)
Drew Larman (2005-09)
Bob Logan (1986-89)
Terry Martin (1989-95)
Ray Maluta (1974-79)
Jay McKee (1995-98)
Brian McKinnon (1984-86)
Scott Metcalfe (1987-91, 1993-98)
Gates Orlando (1983-88)
Sam Paolini (2003-06)
Len Perno (1996-97)
Andrew Peters (2000-03, 2010-11)
Geoff Peters (2001-02, 2003-05)
Jim Pettie (1976-79)
Rob Ray (1988-91)
Kenton Rein (1988-89)
Geordie Robertson (1979-85, 1988-89)
Dirk Rueter (1982-85)
Ron Schock (1979-80)
Steve Smith (1988-92)
Don Stevens (1986-present)
Richard Suwek (1979-91)
Chris Taylor (1999-2006, 2009-11)
Scott Thomas (1992-95)
Jim Wiemer (1981-85, 1994-95)
Kent Weisbeck (1985-present)
Mike Zanutto (1997-98)

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Keith Wozniak

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