Video of Corey Tropp’s Hit on Landon Ferraro

It’s time for everyone to guess the legality of this hit that the Rochester Americans Corey Tropp delivered to Landon Ferraro of the Grand Rapids Griffins.  Mitch Callahan of the Griffins went down the ice on a breakaway and as the play followed behind him you’ll see Tropp and Ferraro meet in front of the goaltender.  Tropp was given an interference penalty and Ferraro appeared to be knocked out.  Ferraro tried to get up onto his skates a few times before staying down and eventually being helped off of the ice.

Was it simply interference, they both met at the same time?  Did Tropp deliver a blind side hit and lead with his shoulder to the head? Questions that the American Hockey League will likely answer come Monday or Tuesday.

Watch and determine for yourself (far away scoreboard video is the best I can do, I don’t have a dedicated camera man covering the whole game, yet):

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Keith Wozniak

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