Zack Kassian and Marcus Foligno Fight Video

During the third period of the Amerks 7-2 win over the Grand Rapids Griffins this fight broke out on the ice.  Foligno was being given a boarding penalty for a hit just before this fight broke out. Marcus Foligno vs Travis Ehrhardt on one side, Zack Kassian vs Garnet Exelby on the other.  Late at getting the camera up and recording and trying to fit both in at once.

Not bad for these two rookies!  They can skate, pass, score goals and dropped the gloves.

That picture of Kassian, is he going for the Beetlejuice or Ogie Oglethorpe look for Halloween?

Enjoy the video and share!

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Keith Wozniak

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5 thoughts on “Zack Kassian and Marcus Foligno Fight Video”
  1. I went with Beetlejuice because of the hairline.. should’ve went with Ogie simply based on the hockey connection.

  2. He looks like if Oglethorpe and Beetlejuice had a hideous baby in that picture…but the Oglethorpe parallels are uncanny with Kassian in any regard.

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