Video of Whitmore’s Four Goal Game in Amerks 5-3 Win

On Saturday night Derek Whitmore scored the first hat trick by an Amerk on home ice since Jamie Johnson during the 2009/10 season and was also the first Rochester American since Jason Pominville in 2005 to score four goals in a game.  Pominville went on to score a fifth in that game.  The Amerks went on to win the game 5-3 thanks to the outstanding effort by Whitmore to put four goals on the board.

The video highlights recorded off of the scoreboard speak for themselves.  Whitmore hustled for the chance to score every goal jumping over a goalie, falling to the ice, hunting for a rebound and out skating defenders.  He had scored his first two goals during the first minute and 53 seconds of the game to give the Amerks an early 2-0 lead.

The Bulldogs battled back and tied the game 3-3 (notice the angry door slam by Colin Stuart) but Whitmore eventually scored the game winner and fifth goal for insurance.  With all of the recent players called up to the Buffalo Sabres this was a great display by Whitmore who’s still trying to get the chance to play in his first regular season NHL game.

From Hockey O-Zone:

“It means a lot, it’s a special night,” said Whitmore, who grew up inGreece. “This is the team I idolized as a kid.

“My first hat trick, in an Amerk sweater, in this building — it’s very special.”

On three of the goals, he was celebrating in the corner in front of his family. “I think my dad threw a hat,” he said, referring to his hat-trick goal.

(ignore the spelling mistake in the video on Masse’s name for the Bulldogs)
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Keith Wozniak

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  1. What a memorable night for Derek, congratulations! 4 goals all well deserved, #4 was incredible. Definitely feel bad for him though, because he deserves a look up in Buffalo more than some others that have gotten it. I know that Kassian led the team in scoring but c’mon, has anyone seen an NHL effort out of Kassian for a full 3-period game? Not even close. He doesn’t hustle to half the level of Whitmore, he doesn’t hit *anybody*. I heard when they gave him the puck from his first NHL goal the trainer put it directly in his purse for him.

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