What is LetsGoAmerks.com ?

Lets Go Amerks is an independent website devoted to covering the Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League maintained by Keith Wozniak and Eric Bourgeois. By definition this is a blog but we run the site with the same professionalism and integrity that you would expect from a journalist and mainstream media outlet.

Keith started this site in 2007 as an outlet to provide alternative coverage of the team that wasn’t being covered elsewhere on a daily basis. The Rochester Americans provide Keith with media credentials which provides access to practices, games and interviews with players, coaches and management. What you read on the site is obtained by “putting in the work” as some might say, it’s not just sitting behind a computer picking information up from the internet.

You may not see Eric’s name on a lot of articles written but he provides a lot of commentary on twitter during games and support behind the scenes in keeping the site up and running for as long as it has been. A dedicate fan and season ticket holder for decades has Rochester Americans hockey running through his veins. His knowledge is invaluable for the success of this site.

Our goal is to provide complete coverage of everything surrounding the Rochester Americans hockey team.

The forums are active with fans talking about the team daily.

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