Amerks at Half Season

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Amerks at Half Season

Post by insagt1 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:43 pm

The second half of this season begins and the Amerks will be on the road for most of it...especially over the next 3 weeks when they play 11 of the next 12 away from home.

And 'home' hasn't been all that homey for this years Amerks. They are barely above .500. On the road, they barely exist. Should be interesting huh?

Last week the Amerks lost 2 of 3 home games. They were awful on Wednesday; pretty decent on Friday; and they just simply lost to a powerhouse team on Saturday that did only what they needed to win the game and get out of town. Amerks have been blanked 4 times in the last 12 games.
When their team is strongest personnel-wise, they have been at their worst. This is really no exaggeration. Having a full lineup of talented players has had absolutely no effect on the outcome of games this season.

Hackett played well on Saturday. Makarov has been decent. Goaltending has not been the big issue. The power play is a huge issue. They may never score another PP goal this season. They haven't been close to scoring in recent games and it has probably cost the team at least 2 or 3 wins.

They enter the second half having yet to win back-to-back games (on consecutive nights). Thats practically hard to do. Or not do as the case may be. They have won 3 straight once and 2 straight twice. They have yet to 'build' on ANY successes they have enjoyed....and lately success has been fleeting. They completed this recent 11 game (of 12) homestand 6-5. Awful!

The rest of the season could be a continued disaster, or maybe the road trip might bring them together. Given how this group has played together so far, I'm not holding my breath...and I also think that if they are still wallowing near the bottom by the beginning of February, this season is O-V-E-R. Many are saying its over now, but we'll give them 10-15 games more before making pronouncement.

All in all a very unsastisfying hockey season for Amerk fans. In so many ways this team has disappointed bigtime. There has been very little to like so far.

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