AHL, Adirondack Flames press conferences coming

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AHL, Adirondack Flames press conferences coming

Post by hockey13 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 3:52 pm

Good night AHL in Adirondack again. Hello ECHL?

The landscape of the American Hockey League is changing and so is Glens Falls hockey.

The AHL will hold a news conference in San Jose on Thursday and the Adirondack Flames will hold one locally on Friday. It would make sense for those announcements to be about the new Pacific Division of the AHL. The league could announce those moves and then the Flames could announce a new ECHL team.

Under threat of being fined, no one is talking about what happened at the AHL Board of Governors meeting on Sunday. However, league president Dave Andrews alluded to a vote having been taken and passed.

He said the board can vote to approve a proposal contingent on conditions and it will not have been passed but another vote does not have to be taken to approve the proposal.

Therefore, it is conceivable that the board voted to approve the creation of a Pacific Division contingent on something like the sales of a few organizations. Anaheim is reportedly buying its AHL affiliate in Norfolk and Calgary is in the process of buying the ECHL team in Stockton, California. That would give the league the loophole of saying the proposal had not been approved after the meeting and then it could approve it and announce when it wanted.

That is the announcement expected in San Jose on Thursday. The Adirondack Flames would then be open to announce that they are moving to the ECHL on Friday.

If Calgary moves its AHL team to Stockton, it will need some place for its new ECHL team. Glens Falls makes sense as that spot. Calgary already has everything in place to run a team; it can even keep the same name, logo, etc.

http://poststar.com/blogs/flames/ahl-ad ... 86e06.html

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