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Miller Beats His Ex-Mates 5-2

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:10 am
by insagt1
Did anyone expect otherwise? Ryan Miller facing his ex-Mates for the first time turned in a pedestrian game and helped his Canucks send Buffalo to consecutive loss #14. Sabres become the first team in NHL history to go an entire month (playing at least 8 games) without earning one single point. Just 3 losses to go to tie the absolute worst losing streak in NHL annuls..held by Washington and San Jose. Matt Hackett was in nets for Buffalo and played about what we Amerk fans expected.

Its time to send him back to Rochester to relieve the suddenly stone-cold Makarov...who can't stop beachballs anymore. And the Sabres may as well use ECHL goalies and try-outs the rest of the way. How much more clear does it have to be to know what their goal is the rest of the season?

By the end of the trade deadline, I fully expect that the Sabres will be skating the likes of Grigorenko, Schaller, Armia and Varone in regular shifts. Larsson probably will get traded away. Pysyk will also be in Buffalo. The Amerks will ice an ECHL team; but that will be OK since they will have long since been eliminated from playoff contention.

It will be re-tool, re-build, clear out and experiment for the final weeks of this sorry season.