..After All, This Is Why We Exist......

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..After All, This Is Why We Exist......

Post by insagt1 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:38 pm

7 regulars now missing from our lineup....bravo Buffalo...This Butt's For You. :evil: :evil: :evil:
I won't pin this loss on the Amerks tonite. Its all on Buffalo...no question about it.

It was pretty clear after the first period, these guys didn't have ANY offense at all and I was stunned that we managed to tie this game late on that rocket by the slumping Gill. Getting this one to OT was a monumental task and they are to be applauded for that.
That we were flattened in OT was predictable. Even when we had the puck we had no clue what to do with it. Finally the Bruins won a crucial faceoff in our zone and pass shoot rebound score....it happened quickly. Ullmark was very good tonite and he made some big saves in OT...where Amerks were outshot officially 7-0.

With the talent we had this evening, a win was not going to happen. And I am honestly scared we may not score another goal this weekend. And while the offense sputtered...one player stood out....in a negative way. Nylander was maybe at his worst tonite. He was brutal. Instead of rising to the occasion, it looked like he was pining away to be the 8th call-up. He did just about nothing right.

WE have now lost 10 of our last 11 in OT/SO, but on this night, while we all went home unhappy yet again, it wasn't a 'bad' unhappy. Granted they played badly in the 1st period, but after that they were OK. Providence was so much the better team...yes, we earned the loser point tonite.

As far as the Sabres go.....you can have them. A team in the final weeks of a playoff tune-up shouldn't have to play with this kind of roster.

But, as we all know too well....this is why we exist and we should just be so damned happy for all the guys who got called up. Its a beautiful thing to be playing for the 30th best team in the NHL.


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