Red Wings Attendance 2018

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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by bmb2jn » Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:55 am

insagt1 wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:04 am
and the question is...who made it that way? When did it change and why? The whole paradigm of baseball has shifted. Its emphasis has changed. When did the complete game disappear? When did they allow batters to step out after every pitch? When did pitch count rear its ugly head? Why so few .300 hitters anymore? So many strikeouts? The shift?
Bloated player salaries with union leaders whining everytime a FA doesn't get paid a kings ransom? When organizations like the Twins rush their prized prospects up too soon, when is that good for baseball? Is the emphasis on analytics hijacking the game? So many useless stats that don't matter at all.

Loved what Jack Morris said as he prepares for the HOF induction:"thank God I played in the era I did' (before analytics commandeered the sport) "I mean we're not playing for spin rate. We're not playing for launch angle. And we're not playing for exit velocity or you know, ground efficiency. WE'RE PLAYING TO WIN. It's W's and L's. Its these letters that matter...W's and L's.
Amen brother....we are being choked by a barrage of useless statistics that don't enhance the game one bit. Does anyone REALLY care about the launch angle of a Judge HR? Does it really matter how fast it left the park..that they have to have a statistic for it?

And now they want to 'fix' the game with cheap gimmicks....put a runner on 2nd to start the 10th inning. My gosh...who are the new baseball fans anyway? What happened to managers who can't manage pitching staffs anymore? Geez.
Bud Selig deserves a lot of blame for the way baseball is.
Steroids, salary disparity, all star gimmick, one game wild card.

He's ruined Minor League Baseball too. Teams leaving small towns like Jamestown for Brooklyn and Staten Island. Top prospects jumping AAA for the Majors. No wonder the Bisons and Red Wings sell gimmicks.

You can blame money, the media and the fans as well. There's just a mentality that Minor League sports are below us and that it's all about the Major Leagues. All fans and media around here talk about are Bills, Sabres, Orange, MLB, NBA etc... while the local Rochester teams barely get any coverage.

The AHL might be heading down the same path as AAA Baseball. There's a lot of gimmicks such as Star Wars Night. But it's not there yet. At least the Amerks still get some top prospects like Gionta. So fans are more concerned about the Amerks winning then the Red Wings and Bisons.

Solutions? I want to see Baseball include a promotion relegation system like Englands Premier League and other soccer leagues around the world. If the Red Wings or Bisons finish at the top they go to the Majors and if they finish at the bottom they go to AA. I doubt that's gonna happen

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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by Bluey » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:31 am

"All fans and media around here talk about are Bills, Sabres, Orange"

Just out of curiosity, I scrolled the Democrap & Comical's web page today to see how many Bills stories there are. There were 52. (That's right FIFTY-TWO). I know camp is here but...

Gee, I wonder why there's no room for the Amerks, Red Wings or others. ABSURD.
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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by keithLGA » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:16 pm

All of the training camp news everywhere is mind boggling.

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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by KidFlash » Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:39 pm

Because people want it. I mean, I think it's crazy too, but the reason why there's so much of it is because there's a demand for wall to wall coverage.

When you're a media outlet trying to survive, it's all about what people will read/watch/listen to.

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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by insagt1 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:00 pm

sad but the above posts suggest...its not 'cool' to be a fan of a minor league team. Sometimes I think there is more Bills interest in Rochester than in Buffalo.

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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by schlag » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:03 am

The whole paradigm of baseball has changed. Just my opinion but Sabremetrics went from a really interesting concept to a noose around the neck of the game. Everything has been hyper over analyzed and attempted to be translated as numerical. Well that has turned baseball into 3-4 hours of sheer boredom. I can't watch it anymore.

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Re: Red Wings Attendance 2018

Post by insagt1 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:34 am

Its true. Honestly when you go to a game and someone hits it into the bullpen....does the average fan drop his hotdog and spill his beer and, what was the launch angle of that one? Or, I'll bet that had a quick exit velocity. too much ado about nothing. whatever happened to simply...that was a tape measure shot. Next.

the shift is maddening. don't know how you can prevent it though. The extra inning gimmick is just plain wrong. Some may find it interesting (like the shootout), but its not baseball. it panders to teams not knowing how to use their personnel.In the case of the Wings, it plays right into the hands of the gimmick makers...Wings can't score and they can't prevent. done!
while everyone is in love with the HR...what about all the k's? How boring is it watch these guys flailing away at air?
what is happening to the game I grew up loving???

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