Amerks with 2nd Stinker of the Week

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Amerks with 2nd Stinker of the Week

Post by insagt1 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:46 pm

Friday night was fun, but Wednesday and tonite are really defining this hockey team. They cannot hold leads and they disappear completely for long stretches of time....whole periods even. In Utica tonite, seemingly in complete control into the 2nd period and up 2-0, they inexplicably gave up 3 on 3 shots in 58 seconds. From that point forward, Amerks stopped playing. Anyone watching will verify this....they stopped competing. They probably played 25 minutes tonite. The 1st period and a few minutes in the 2nd. Nothing after that.

Instead of coming out guns blazing in the 3rd, they dropped back, took two quick penalties and failed to mount any kind of attack at all. Can't use back to back games as an excuse. Utica played last night too and won also 5-2. Wilcox made some great saves, but he fell asleep for one horrible minute and that was the game.

But really, its a team mentality that just seems to fail when they have the lead in so many of their games. As soon as the opponent comes back, Amerks simply fold their tents...and they do it quickly. This game was very low intensity. And it wasn't good. Utica was better. Hate to see that.

4 games next week. And if this trend continues, it could be the week we finally fall from the top.

Very disappointing game.

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