Road Warriors Stay on Warpath

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Road Warriors Stay on Warpath

Post by insagt1 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:48 pm

With tonites win over a red hot Cleveland team, Amerks are now within one win of tying their alltime record for road wins (25), with a shot of breaking that record this weekend. Amerks own the best road record in the AHL.
Several Amerk teams have won 46 games in their history...and Amerks are 1 win shy of that, but 47 and 48 win seasons are much rarer. they could still crack the 100 point mark too.

With the 2-1 win, Amerks clinch home ice, which may not be much of a reward...except for us long suffering fans who crave post season hockey. For those following a religious calendar....Friday the 19th is Passover and Good Friday; and Sunday is Easter....the first two home games.

Tage Thompson continues to prove his worth with both Amerk goals including a rare power play goal which proved to be the game winner, when Leier scored an own goal on Wedgewood late in the game. Amerks then killed off a penalty with just over 2 minutes to go and Wedgewood stood tall on this night. Maybe the key for Wedge is he needs to face a lot of shots. I think it was 36 tonite and he looked sharp. On the nights he was facing around 20, he was not sharp.

Thompson has a laser shot...and has broken sticks shooting several times already. While he still makes mistakes, his positive contributions have outweighed the negatives. Would have been interesting to see what a full season here would have done for him. But, he has filled in nicely for Olofsson. Amerks should have a very full boat for the last 3 games. We win them all, we win the division.

It was a pretty strong effort tonight....but there was a bit of a letup in the 3rd period again as Cleveland piled up the shots. Still a 2-1 road win is the kind of game one might expect in the playoffs. It was good to see Amerks not crumbling after they gave up that bad goal late.

Don't think we could ask for more than to be in this position to control our own destiny heading into the final weekend. Its there for the guys if they want it bad enough. There will be a big crowd Friday....and we are playing the last place team. Gee Amerks....gotta win this one.

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