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Re: Newest Signings

Post by Bluey » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:56 am

"I saw Kim & Terry at two game's last season. Kim was hanging out candy to the kid's for the Suite's in the Seats for Halloween. Both game's I saw them they were sitting in the suites on the River side of the BCA."

Big deal. Handing out Dollar Store candy at a game. Couldn't have let anyone know they were there? Even give a short interview?

It's obvious they shouldn't be in the sports management business. They got lucky, fracking and now we have to put up with their nonsense.
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Re: Newest Signings

Post by insagt1 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:11 am

Seems like they view us as an irritation. Amerks better be good this year...can't wait to see what other hijinx they are going to pull on us going forward. Cynical? You BET. I don't trust them anymore to do anything that isn't solely in their best interests, not ours. Maybe another gala presser to talk about the new expansion lacrosse team, while they drive out all the other events one by one.

Sad thing of course, is we will never get the truth from them. I've already seen how that works with their 'spokespeople' and their latest tactics. They have taken a fine gourmet meal and covered it with dog$$hi*...telling us its gravy. :evil:

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