SC Playoffs: Round #2

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Re: SC Playoffs: Round #2

Post by adsfan » Thu May 03, 2012 11:59 pm

Nashville won at home. Game 4 is coming up.

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Re: SC Playoffs: Round #2

Post by hager » Fri May 04, 2012 12:25 pm

insagt1 wrote:Kings totally dominating the Blues. I can easily see them in the Finals this year. And perhaps even winning them.
Jeez, I did not expect the blues to be pushed over... is halak that much of a difference maker? I mean its not like every goal was elliots fault, but he's let in some questionable ones.

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Re: SC Playoffs: Round #2

Post by Dubblenikle » Fri May 04, 2012 2:01 pm

Thing is, LA had a dreadful time scoring in the mid months. However, they have been picking that up. They were winning and losing games 1-0 a lot, and 3 goals by either side was a lot. But, they started scoring once Sutter got his system running, and that has had little to no effect on the stifling defense and fantastic goaltending they have been getting. At this point, if the Olympics started tomorrow, Quick should be the #1. Miller would be a solid choice too, but quick has been amazing wire to wire. As a sabres fan I'm annoyed. They had the tools to win and the owner told Lombardi that Murray had to go. Lombardi said it's the players under performing and not Murray, he won't fire him. Well the owner came back with "I must have mis-spoke, you can fire Murray or i can fire both of you". Well that lit a fire up under his a$* and boom, look at the results. 3 of these final 8 teams had coaching changes. 4 if you count DeBoer (it's his first year in NJ). With Pegula giving so much rope, he is justifying the methods. I'm not saying just fire, but try holding a gun to their heads publically. Ruff has no qualms about hanging his players out in the media. Peggy should stop taking the modern parent approach and threaten a spanking. Also LA lost 2 late season games to San Jose, in OT and Phoenix won out. A bouce and the Kings are a 3 so I don't really see them as a true 8 seed. The west was a fantastic conference this year. Phoenix is looking strong (Sean Burke is a witch), The preds are deep and solid, the king and the Blues are both good teams. I think it will be Pjoenix and LA in the conference finals. I give LA a better shot at taking it all than Phoenix, but the east teams have too many holes. NJ is not that strong defensively and Brodeur could actually be a little liability, Bryzgalov sucks, The rangers are fighting to score, which would only get worse with Quick and Smith, the caps are the caps. They need to do it before most will believe it. I like that it's this open. I'm lovng watching these games. It is truly the best post season in all sports.

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Re: SC Playoffs: Round #2

Post by gdsmack267 » Mon May 07, 2012 9:37 am

It is beyond entertaining watching Giroux whine as much as he this series. If he doesnt get suspended for his blatent head shot the nhl is a joke

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Re: SC Playoffs: Round #2

Post by adsfan » Mon May 07, 2012 8:03 pm

Game 5 in Phoenix tonight. Nashville either wins or goes golfing!

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Re: SC Playoffs: Round #2

Post by bmb2jn » Mon May 07, 2012 9:21 pm


Capitals blow a 2-1 lead with 6 seconds to go. Rangers win it in overtime.

Ted is pissed off.

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