A brief break from hockey...

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Re: A brief break from hockey...

Post by bmb2jn » Fri May 04, 2012 3:07 pm

Dubblenikle wrote:I have heard some rumblings that the Blue Jays would like to affiliate here. Is that good or bad? I know they are with a PCL team (Vegas I think) and that's so far away. I think having the Jays in would help. Get some bus trips to see the big club play the Yankees and Red Sox. As much as I liked Minnesota I think it was more my disgust with Balitmore and now look, we are right back where we came from. The Jays are up and comers, the Twins are sinking like a rock. We get stuck with these teams that treat minor leagues as throw and see what sticks organizations and we pay the price. Hopefully they can do something to get a winner in here.
We'll see. The Las Vegas 51s are 12-16 right now. Under .500.

But still. I think they'll be a better fit for you then Minnesota. However Toronto might want to hook up with Buffalo since our deal with the Mets will be expiring at the end of the season. (I think)

We'll see what happens.

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Re: A brief break from hockey...

Post by dhils » Tue May 08, 2012 11:56 am

insagt1 wrote:welcome 'back' dih...had to change your username????

Are you going to the game Sunday? I'm having a spirited conversation with Banners about whether the Wings are doing the right thing in bumping the regular game for Pettitte. Personally, I think its great that the stadium will be filled on a Sunday in early May to be able to watch a future HOFer (perhaps)
Hey--whats your take on the Caps these days....now that Hunter has greatly reduced Ovechkin's impact on the team?
Now that the B's are out, I'll stick with the Caps. If/when they go, the Kings are my next choice.
Hi. No, I stayed home and watched the Yankees. Perhaps I've been a Yankee fan too long but I honestly understand the fact that sometimes it is "all about the money". Can't blame Mason at all. People complain that the City shouldn't have to support the Wings and complain if and when the Wings do something to earn some extra bucks.

You probably know what my take on the Caps is. :D I'm sticking with NY although they do tend to raise the blood pressure. I'm enjoying doing more of rooting against teams than for a particular team. Don't want to see Washington or Philly go any further. I was thinking last night that baseball is in its second month of the season and there's still a long way to go in the hockey playoffs. That's just nuts. Ah well.....................

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