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Angry or Disappointed? Or Both?

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Re: Angry or Disappointed? Or Both?

Postby Dubblenikle » Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:54 am

Bingo. Darcy does not deserve credit for simply doing something he is supposed to do. That's sad, Anaheim did his whn they were eliminated with palmieri weeks ago. Congrats darce, you did one thing your supposed to with your ahl squad. Let's keep it going into the off season.
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Re: Angry or Disappointed? Or Both?

Postby amerks23 » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:17 am

RWB wrote:You don't need to tell me anything. I'm just saying, I've probably sent 5 or 6 different suggestions and I've received one response, that gave me no information or feedback

They are probably like Kodak when I was there. They ask for your suggestions, so they said that they did, and they they do what they want to anyway. What a Joke!
They spent their own dough to get here, and they came here to see us! All right, let's show 'em what we got, guys! Get out there on the ice and let 'em know you're there.
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Re: Angry or Disappointed? Or Both?

Postby bmb2jn » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:36 am

Disengage wrote:
oldtimehockey wrote:Why does that surprise anyone?? Does anyone on these boards really think the Sabres give a rats a$* about the Amerks and if we make the playoffs?

The Sabres have absolutely nothing to gain from the Amerks missing the playoffs. I hate this mentality that every seems to think Darcy Regier is Rachel Phelps from Major League.

I don't know. It just seems like it.

While the season was obviously a complete failure, (I'm not defending Darcy), they at least attempted to improve the Sabres back in February. They traded for Hodgson and they traded Gaustad for draft picks. A week later at the AHL trade deadline, they did nothing.

I don't know if they tried something and failed, or if they just don't give a $hi*.
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Re: Angry or Disappointed? Or Both?

Postby Bluey » Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:12 pm

I don't know if they tried something and failed

They should have tried long before the friggin deadline. :?
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