Amerks 2012-2013 Schedule by some Numbers and Highlights

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Amerks 2012-2013 Schedule by some Numbers and Highlights

The American Hockey League released the full 2012-2013 schedule today so now it’s time to start planning some road trips and schedules around the upcoming season.  The schedule still stinks and again there’s little variety, the Amerks play the same set of teams as last year.  Someday the board of governors will recognize that fans want to see more of a variety to the schedule and see different teams.  The biggest change is that Friday night home games have moved from a 7:35pm start to 7:05pm.

That start time seems to be the only lowlight of the schedule.  The Amerks have played games on Friday nights at 7:35 for a very long time.  Rob Kopaz told Kevin Oklobzija the following about the change:

1) Consistency to the schedule. Fans don’t need to try to remember if it’s 7:05 or 7:35.

2) It’s more family friendly. “If you want younger kids to come to games, starting earlier is better,” he said.

3) The team gets on the bus sooner and, thus, gets more rest before the Saturday road game. There will be 14 times the Amerks are home Friday and on the road Saturday (most are game-day bus trips to Syracuse, [...]Read More

Amerks Schedule to be Released at 3pm Today

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Amerks Schedule to be Released at 3pm Today

The American Hockey League has placed all of their magnets on the wall boards and worked around the NBA schedule to complete the 2012-2013 AHL schedule and it’s scheduled to be released at 3pm pending approval by the board of governors.  Is there any reason they wouldn’t approve it?  Not that I can think of.

So, what can be expected?  I haven’t seen the schedule or been given any inside information on it but it’s probably safe to assume that not much has changed from previous seasons.  There’ll be a lot of games against a number of familiar teams and a lack of games against teams that they haven’t played against in years.  Teams have usually announced a list of opponents by now but they did not do that this season.

The Amerks are still in the Western Conference and the only change is that the Grand Rapids Griffins are no longer in the North Division and in their place is the Abbotsford Heat.  The North Division has Rochester, Cleveland, Hamilton, Toronto and Abbotsford which is just under 3,000 miles away.  There’s a lot of people that would love to see the Amerks move into the Eastern Conference but that’s [...]Read More

Survey for Hockey Fans About an App to Be Released Soon

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Survey for Hockey Fans About an App to Be Released Soon

I think it’s safe to say that just about every hockey player, fan and anyone in the media has HockeyDB set as one of their bookmarks or can type the name of the site faster than just about any other site.  A few professional hockey players are trying to take a piece of that pie by developing an app for our smartphones with an expected release date before the season starts.

(Side note: If you don’t have it installed  already, download the app on to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone immediately by visiting the apps page here!)

The project involves former Rochester Americans defensemen Kyle Hagel (a whopping 3 games), Dustin Sprout and Cam MacIntyre.  Kyle Hagel reached out to me over the weekend to help spread the word and ask for feedback from others.

Here’s the description given about the application:

Shnarped is an iPhone application – created by three players that have recently played in the AHL – that will aggregate information (stats, news/blogs, videos, twitter) about all professional hockey players onto a player page. Players will have access to these profiles and will be able to customize them with unique content. It [...]Read More

Video of Amerks Losing 1990 Calder Cup in Game 6

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Video of Amerks Losing 1990 Calder Cup in Game 6

The Rochester Americans reached the Calder Cup finals against the Springfield Indians in 1990 but lost in six games and the highlights of that game are down below.  Looking back it’s hard to imagine at that time there was only 14 teams in the American Hockey League compared to the 30 today.

The Amerks defeated the Utica Devils in the first round of the playoffs and then the Baltimore Skipjacks before reaching the finals of the 1989/1990 season.

Stay tuned, more highlights of the past to come!  Thanks to Kevin (disengage) on the forums for recording and sharing these!!!

Other video highlights posted:

1990 Calder Cup Finals Game 6 Highlights…

5/18/90 Steve Ludzik scores the opening goal in Game 6 of the 1990 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and the Springfield Indians.

5/18/90 Ray Sheppard puts the Amerks ahead 2-1 in Game 6 of the 1990 Calder Cup Finals.

5/18/90 Bob Corkum scores in [...]Read More

Amerks Highlights from Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals

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Amerks Highlights from Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals

There haven’t been that many playoff highlights in recent years for the Rochester Americans but the past is full of them.  Here you’ll find some highlights from game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup finals between the Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

Jody Gage, Mike Keane and Don Lever are just a few names in the highlights below from this 1987 game.  For all of the highlights from the 1986/1987 playoffs click through to The American Dream The Drive for Five 1987 Calder Cup Video.

Other highlights from the past I’ve also posted are:

One of the many great things about all of these videos is how Don Stevens sounds the same back then as he does now.  Here’s the videos:

5/20/87 Mike Keane and Jim Hofford fight in the first period of Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

5/20/87 Steven Fletcher and Jim Hofford fight in the second period of Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

5/20/87 Jim Jackson scores the first goal for the [...]Read More

The First Free Agent Signed for the Amerks is Rick Schofield

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The First Free Agent Signed for the Amerks is Rick Schofield

The first free agency signing for the Rochester Americans has quietly occurred with Rick Schofield being signed.  Schofield scored eight goals and had nine assists as a center that played in 73 regular season games last season for the Syracuse Crunch.  He played in four seasons for Lake Superior State University and was signed by the Anaheim Ducks as an undrafted free agent.

Jonathan Bombulie, covers the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, always puts together a list of the Top 250 AHL free agents and he had Schofield listed as #233.  The list is not the ultimate ranking but everyone who covers the AHL considers it a good one.

Rick Schofield (@rjschofield) signs with Rochester after playing 2 seasons with Syracuse. Will bring veteran experience down the middle.

— Daniel Tolensky (@dtolensky) July 3, 2012

Amerks fans had hoped for the first player signed to be a bigger name but we’ll see what the kid is capable of.  The current center’s on the roster are now Phil Varone, Luke Adam, Rick Schofield, Kevin Sundher and Brian Flynn.  Luke Adam could play left wing as well, depends where the coaching staff feel he’ll be best at.  Not a fearful list [...]Read More

AHL Finally Adopts Video Replay, Hybrid Icing and Other 2012-2013 Changes

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AHL Finally Adopts Video Replay, Hybrid Icing and Other 2012-2013 Changes

There’s always some sort of change to the American Hockey League and with the conclusion of the Board of Governors meetings at Hilton Head Island, NC we’ve been presented with what those changes will be.  I also conducted the Let’s Go Amerks BOG meetings on Thursday at a pool and will announce possible changes to the site at a later date.

Video review and hybrid icing are probably two of the biggest changes (additions?) to the game that could be noticeable.  The hybrid icing will only be used until November 19th and then will be reviewed.  We are halfway through 2012 and it’s about time The AHL finally adopted video review.  The old excuse that it wasn’t cost effective was just absurd considering just about every other sport uses video review, there was no reason the 2nd best hockey league in the world couldn’t use it as well.

Hyrbrid icing also makes perfect sense as does a penalty for closing your hand on the puck to conceal it.  Read on for the official word from The AHL:

Changes from last year’s alignment include Abbotsford moving to the North Division, Grand Rapids moving to the Midwest Division [...]Read More

Grading the 2011-2012 Amerks Roster

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Grading the 2011-2012 Amerks Roster

It’s time to finally post our grades for the 2011-2012 Amerks roster and no, it’s not a mistake that it’s the end of June.  Once the season is over interest pretty much fades and so does traffic, even when new content is posted.  This is the time of year that there’s also renewed interest in talking about hockey again with the start of free agency and hockey fans from around the world trying to find information on players as they move around.

The grades are primarily put together by Eric Bourgeois and Peter Borrelli, two die hards who watch the game closely.  The first grade is from Eric, second is Pete.  Comments have names added after as well.

Joe Finley (A / B+)

  • That big physical D we’re needed for years.  Consistent.  Great team guy.  Willing to protect teammates. (Eric)
  • It was physically painful to me to watch him try to hold back from killing anyone that touched our goalie. Current over-officiating kills a guy like him. (Pete)

Marcus Foligno (A / A+)

  • After a medicore start, he turned into an NHL’er overnight.  One of the few who  didn’t look overmatched against Marlies.  Big and plays big! (Eric)
  • Would-be Team [...]Read More

Jay McKee Not Returning as an Amerks Assistant Coach

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Jay McKee Not Returning as an Amerks Assistant Coach

There’s just over two weeks until the start of free agency and the Buffalo Sabres will have a big task on their hands in rebuilding the Rochester Americans roster.  One of the many changes ahead was disclosed on Monday when it was announced that Jay McKee would not be brought back as an assistant coach.  It was the first year for McKee as a coach in professional hockey.

Kevin Oklobzija wrote the following:

In some ways, it’s surprising that the organization wouldn’t want McKee to continue to lend his expertise — 13 years of NHL experience surely translates into some sort of valuable knowledge. McKee was very hands-on when it came to teaching the defensemen during practice.

At the same time, assistant coach Chadd Cassidy primarily handled the defense during games, so perhaps their duties overlapped. Who knows, maybe there was even a difference in philosophies.

Somehow I tend to believe there just wasn’t the proper cohesiveness between the coaches that is necessary on a staff. Cassidy and Rolston have been together for six seasons (five with USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program). McKee was brought in I think more by folks in Buffalo and not necessarily by Rolston. They tried [...]Read More

Hybrid Icing to The AHL in the 2012-2013 Season

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Hybrid Icing to The AHL in the 2012-2013 Season

We’re not into June yet but at least we’re starting to learn about changes expected for the 2012-2013 season that will start in just under five months.  The NHL GM’s have decided to skip implementing hybrid icing in the NHL and decided to implement it in the American Hockey League.  The change will need to be approved by The AHL but there’s no reason they won’t.

The change will help to add some more safety to the game and eliminate the fast rush to the puck which can cause one or both players to go crashing into the boards racing for the puck.

Details from Sportsnet:

As recently as the GM’s meetings in March, the league was prepared to begin the steps to adopt hybrid icing for the 2012-13 season. But after further consideration, the rule change – still yet to be precisely defined – will be implemented in the American Hockey League first.

“From my perspective it’s something that makes sense, but the group is a lot smarter than I am, so we’ll try it in American League and see how it looks there,” said Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke.

“I think the sense was that the [...]Read More

Former Amerks Enforcer Sean McMorrow to be Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

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Former Amerks Enforcer Sean McMorrow to be Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

Former Rochester Americans enforcer Sean McMorrow plead guilty back in September to “one count of “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and to distribute, 50 kilograms (about 110 pounds) or more of marijuana” and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday for sentencing.  The final punishment can range from jail time to a fine to simple probation.  One thing that will happen is that he’ll be deported from the United States and not allowed to return.

The D&C write this article talking about the dual lives of McMorrow:

To his Rochester Americans teammates, Sean McMorrow was the guy who never complained, the guy whose job it was to fight his own on-ice battles — and sometimes everyone else’s.

To the children who attended area schools, who played at community recreation centers, read at public libraries and got well at local hospitals, he was a pro athlete with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

But to the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office, McMorrow was a drug smuggler and drug trafficker, a guy who toted marijuana and money tainted with the smell of pot to and/or from his offseason home in Toronto.

“He had two different [...]Read More

Sabres Signed Nathan Lieuwen to Entry Level Contract

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Sabres Signed Nathan Lieuwen to Entry Level Contract

A few days late but up for anyone who missed it and archive purpose.  As of right now, the Sabres have Nathan Lieuwen and Connor Knapp under contract for the minor leagues.  David Leggio and Drew MacIntyre are unrestricted free agents.

You can always click on roster at the top of the site to get a list of players currently under contract.  This isn’t speculation of who may or may not return, it’s players signed.


May 5, 2012


(Rochester, NY)… Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier today announced that the team has signed goaltender Nathan Lieuwen to a three-year, entry-level contract.

Lieuwen (6’5”, 189 lbs., 8/8/91) finished the 2011-12 season ranked third among all Western Hockey League goaltenders with a 2.50 goals against average and ranked fifth with a .914 save percentage. In his second season as the starting goaltender for the Kootenay Ice, Lieuwen went 27-20-6-2 with three shutouts.

In parts of five WHL seasons with Kootenay, Lieuwen posted a regular season record of 85-59-8-7. He backstopped the Ice to a Memorial Cup Championship in 2010-11, earning WHL Playoff MVP honors after going 16-2-1 with a 2.24 [...]Read More