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The Tank is over….and in Rochester….shouldn’t have ever been

April 17, 2015 - By
The Tank is over….and in Rochester….shouldn’t have ever been

This wasn’t a fun season.  The Buffalo Sabres tanking negatively affected the Amerks roster and as a result we had to suffer through a plethora of meaningless games down the stretch.  And… playoffs.  Again.  So, this will be the 10th consecutive season our beloved Amerks don’t get out of the first round and the 5th time in that same stretch that we don’t get to see any playoff games at all.

For most hockey fans – playoffs are what matters…and if you’re an Amerks hockey fan who followed the team in the 60’s or the 80’s&90’s – well, this is just intolerable right now.   AAA hockey is not like AAA baseball where winning is minimized.  In baseball, rosters expand for the big club before the season is even over.  In hockey – they freeze.  In baseball, the season ends a month earlier.  In hockey – it goes later.  Hockey IS playoffs.  And Amerks hockey even moreso.  It is built into the soul of the franchise.  Those banners over the ice and in the Hall of Fame upper atrium area shouldn’t be decorations – they should be the mission.

I am of the opinion that the Amerks didn’t need to be [...]Read More

Amerks, Playoffs and Darcy

April 11, 2013 - By
Amerks, Playoffs and Darcy

After a second frustrating trade deadline in a row, Eric Bourgeois and Jason Bonno discuss the Amerk playoff roster (who’s on it, who is not), playoff chances……..and Darcy Regier.

Kevin Porter

Eric: He was clearly very important to the team in many ways as its captain and is sorely missed. Good for him in getting NHL time, but I think he would have cleared waivers so that he could have played with us in the playoffs.

Jason: This was a tough blow to the Amerks. Porter’s speed and puck possession were elite at the AHL level, and are two things the Amerks severely lack currently. He was the backbone of the Amerks forwards. Beyond his offensive abilities, he was also responsible defensively and was a key PK’er. I can’t say 100%, but my guess is he would have cleared waivers. His 1-way deal next season was a nice security blanket and probably would have scared off teams from claiming him.

Cody Hodgson and Marcus Foligno

Eric: I’m okay with considering them “graduated” and therefore not eligible for the playoffs here, but boy does the Buffalo organization need some playoff experience for its young players. And it’s not like Hodgson [...]Read More

Video of Amerks Losing 1990 Calder Cup in Game 6

August 1, 2012 - By
Video of Amerks Losing 1990 Calder Cup in Game 6

The Rochester Americans reached the Calder Cup finals against the Springfield Indians in 1990 but lost in six games and the highlights of that game are down below.  Looking back it’s hard to imagine at that time there was only 14 teams in the American Hockey League compared to the 30 today.

The Amerks defeated the Utica Devils in the first round of the playoffs and then the Baltimore Skipjacks before reaching the finals of the 1989/1990 season.

Stay tuned, more highlights of the past to come!  Thanks to Kevin (disengage) on the forums for recording and sharing these!!!

Other video highlights posted:

1990 Calder Cup Finals Game 6 Highlights…

5/18/90 Steve Ludzik scores the opening goal in Game 6 of the 1990 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and the Springfield Indians.

5/18/90 Ray Sheppard puts the Amerks ahead 2-1 in Game 6 of the 1990 Calder Cup Finals.

5/18/90 Bob Corkum scores in [...]Read More

Amerks Highlights from Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals

July 31, 2012 - By
Amerks Highlights from Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals

There haven’t been that many playoff highlights in recent years for the Rochester Americans but the past is full of them.  Here you’ll find some highlights from game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup finals between the Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

Jody Gage, Mike Keane and Don Lever are just a few names in the highlights below from this 1987 game.  For all of the highlights from the 1986/1987 playoffs click through to The American Dream The Drive for Five 1987 Calder Cup Video.

Other highlights from the past I’ve also posted are:

One of the many great things about all of these videos is how Don Stevens sounds the same back then as he does now.  Here’s the videos:

5/20/87 Mike Keane and Jim Hofford fight in the first period of Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

5/20/87 Steven Fletcher and Jim Hofford fight in the second period of Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

5/20/87 Jim Jackson scores the first goal for the [...]Read More

Amerks Comeback Not Enough, Marlies Win Game 1 (with 6 min Video)

April 20, 2012 - By
Amerks Comeback Not Enough, Marlies Win Game 1 (with 6 min Video)

The first game of the Amerks vs Marlies playoff series was predictable.  The Marlies were better but the Amerks found a way to battle back and make it a close game ending in a one goal loss.  That’s the same way the ten regular season games went between these two teams.  The first round of the playoffs is the best of five making game 2 on Saturday a must win for Rochester.

The Amerks are an average team facing a talented Toronto Marlies squad.  David Leggio was at the top of his game making 34 saves while Ben Scrivens at the other end had 20 saves.  It was only a one goal game but Rochester wasn’t able to generate a lot of offensive pressure and they were fortunate Leggio kept the score the way he did.

Down 3-1 in the third period Marcus Foligno scored a power play goal from the front of the net off a quick pass from Paul Szczechura down low.  The Marlies were watching Foligno all game and didn’t give him very much room to work but the moment he was open he scored.

Evan Rankin made a back handed pass along the boards to TJ [...]Read More

Amerks Start Quest for the Teams First Calder Cup Since 1996

April 19, 2012 - By
Amerks Start Quest for the Teams First Calder Cup Since 1996

The last time the Rochester Americans won the Calder Cup was on June 13, 1996 when they defeated the Portland Pirates in Game 7.  That season the team played their first home game on October 13, 1995.  This season the Amerks started the season at home on October 13, 2011.  During the 1995/1996 season there was a time when the team was in last place in the league.  There was also a time this season that the team came very close to being in last place before clinching a playoff spot on the last day of the season.  Do those comparions mean an instant Calder Cup championship?  Of course not but they’re fun comparisons to start the campaign tonight in Toronto against the Marlies for 15 more wins!

You can watch all of game 7 Calder Cup win here:

The Amerks were last in the post season during the 2009/2010 season and even though the team was loaded with talent it wasn’t a close knit team and they lost in the first round to the Abbotsford Heat.  Prior to that the Amerks lost in the first round of the 2006/2007 playoff race to the Hamilton Bulldogs who had Carey [...]Read More

Amerks are in the Race for the Calder Cup

April 16, 2012 - By
Amerks are in the Race for the Calder Cup

It was an up and down roller coaster of a 76 game season and at many times it didn’t seem likely but the Rochester Americans clinched a playoff birth on the last day of the American Hockey League season, when they weren’t playing.  The team defeated the Lake Erie Monsters on Saturday night and the right scenarios played out on Sunday for them to earn the 7th seed in the Western Conference.

They’ll be playing against the Toronto Marlies, a team they only beat three out of ten times this season but every game was decided by one goal.  The Amerks were also without a full lineup in many of those games due to all of the call ups to the Sabres throughout the season.

It’s a new season and anything is possible.  The Binghamton Senators got key players back from the Ottawa Senators for the 2010/2011 playoffs and snuck into the playoffs as a 5th seed crossover and went on to win the Calder Cup.  This is what it’s all about for fans and players at this level, to get into the playoffs and win the Calder Cup.  There isn’t a single player that wants to end the season [...]Read More

Playoff Ticket Prices for Amerks First Two Rounds; Brayden McNabb Called Up

March 14, 2012 - By
Playoff Ticket Prices for Amerks First Two Rounds; Brayden McNabb Called Up

The first bit of news out this morning is that the Sabres have called up Brayden McNabb on an emergency basis to fill in for Tyler Myers who has been suspended for three games.  It had to be a coin flip between McNabb and TJ Brennan as both have been playing great lately and capable of a call up if needed.

It’s also hard to believe that the Rochester Americans 2011/2012 season is already winding down with only 15 more games in the regular season, six of those at home.  The Amerks current stretch of 7-1 has given them a push that couldn’t have been predicted back in early February.  The team is playing smart hockey and David Leggio is playing at the top of his game which is leading to wins in the standings.

As of right now with the current predictions (listed at the bottom of this post) the Amerks will finish tied for 7th place in the Western Conference to make the playoffs.  This team has beat the best teams throughout the season and also fallen flat at times during the season so once they’re in anything is possible!  Well, assuming the Sabres don’t require any more [...]Read More

2012 AHL Western Conference Playoff Race and Projections

February 16, 2012 - By

This post will be updated daily and can be easily found on the right sidebar of the site at any time.

Updated: Updated through 4/13/2012

If the Amerks WIN in regulation/OT in Cleveland they clinch a playoff berth as long as Houston doesn’t win both of their games in regulation/OT by as of now 10+ goals. If we just win in shootout, we’d need Houston to not win both games in regulation/OT OR for (Milwaukee OR Charlotte) not to BOTH get 3/4 points. Could have to wait until Sunday night for final confirmation.

[table id=25 /]

* Projected Division Winners – Automatic Playoff Spot/Top Seed

Watch 1996 Game 7 Amerks Defeat Pirates to Win Calder Cup

August 13, 2011 - By
Watch 1996 Game 7 Amerks Defeat Pirates to Win Calder Cup

Here it is, all of game 7 from 1996 broken into three parts.  Those of you who were there will relive the night, the rest of us get to be jealous and dream of the day the War Memorial is packed wall to wall again for some exciting playoff hockey.  The three parts combined are close to three hours in length.  After you watch these if you’d like to see the RNews special that aired about the 1996 season you can see that here.

This is one of those cases where the videos speak for themselves, no need to write anything else.  Sit back and enjoy!

Part 1/3.. Pre game show, first period and first intermission:

Part 2/3.. Second period and second intermission:

Part 3/3.. Third period and cup celebration:

Enjoy and share!  Also, thanks to @TheSchlag for letting me borrow these videos to get them online!

1996 Video Highlighting Amerks Calder Cup Win

August 12, 2011 - By
1996 Video Highlighting Amerks Calder Cup Win

In 1995 the Rochester Americans home opener was October 13.  They went on to win the 1996 Calder Cup.  In 2011 the Amerks home opener is October 13th. A championship isn’t won off of one date but given hockey superstitions can’t hurt to point it out.  The Amerks defeated the Portland Pirates in seven games to win the Calder Cup on home ice on June 13, 1996, a day that is still clear as day for many fans.

What would happen during that season though was unclear.  Steve Donner had purchased the Rochester Americans from the Buffalo Sabres and rebuilt the team into what they thought would be a winner and it turned out to be just that.

“The seeds of the Calder Cup were planted in the ruins of the previous year,” is said early on in the video.

“They tried to see if a talented development team would work here and I think the answer has been a resounding no,” Steve Donner said.  “They’ve recognized that and given us a chance to change the equation to help their needs and help us for the future.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  A development team with expected talent rarely wins championships. [...]Read More

Binghamton Senators One Win Away from Calder Cup

June 7, 2011 - By
Binghamton Senators One Win Away from Calder Cup

Had a great start to the month of June over the weekend hanging out in Binghamton for two days for games four and five of the Calder Cup finals where we witnessed Binghamton take a 3-2 series lead.  Game 6 is tonight in Houston where the Binghamton Senators are hoping to win their first Calder Cup.  As an Amerks and Sabres fan a part of me dislikes the Senators but it’d be great for the city of Binghamton to get the Calder Cup.

The Senators controlled the game from start to finish on Friday night and won the game 3-0.  On Saturday night they had their backs to the boards for most of the game but in the end won the game 4-2.  Playing in front of a packed arena of over 4,700 fans certainly helped give the players some additional momentum.

The added story line to this series is that Senators assistant coach Steve Stirling underwent successful quadruple bypass surgery on Sunday after experiencing chest pains.  The B-Sens team was obviously wanting to win the cup for themselves, the coaches, the fans, the city and now for Stirling.  I don’t know the guy but it reminds me of the scene [...]Read More