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Riley Emmerson vs Kevin Harvey Fight Video

April 13, 2009 - By

Riley Emmerson may have fought his last fight as a Rochester American on Saturday night when he fought Kevin Harvey of the Syracuse Crunch during the first period.  When the Amerks lost Steve MacIntyre off waivers they still needed someone to play the role of the fighter on the team and that player turned out to be Riley Emmerson.

Emmerson had been assigned to the Florida Everblades at the start of the season and then loaned to the Amerks by the Wild for the season.  It was Emmersons first year playing in the AHL and he didn’t do too bad.  He may have lost some fights, but also wasn’t afraid to drop the gloves.  He earned a lot of respect for not only his fighting skills, but also being able to play a regular shift when needed.  Often when the team ‘goon’ gets into a fight he doesn’t play the rest of the game.  Benoit Groulx wasn’t worried about that and regularly gave Riley a decent amount of time on the ice.

He’s heading into the summer as a free agent, even if the Panthers or Amerks don’t give him an offer I doubt it’ll be the last we see [...]Read More

Drew Larman vs Alexandre Picard Video

April 12, 2009 - By

It only took five seconds into the final game of the season between the Rochester Americans and Syracuse Crunch for a fight to occur on the ice.  The Amerks and Crunch are each others biggest rival, which is only natural considering it’s a short drive down the thruway and they also play each other 12 times a year.

Drew Larman and Alexandre Picard had been wanting to fight for the previous few games but did not have the chance until Saturday night.  Picard was on the starting lineup for the Crunch, Larman was not for the Amerks.  All it took was Picard explaining to McArdle who was on the ice.  McArdle agreed, after the puck dropped he jumped off the ice and Larman hopped on.

By definition this was one of those “staged fights” that both the AHL and NHL seem to be on a mission to put an end to.  I asked Larman about this being a staged fight and he hadn’t heard anything about things like this considered a bad thing.  Larman said, “He’s a good player.  To get him off the ice for five minutes is an advantage.”

Drew Larman isn’t a fighter, but he certainly did [...]Read More

Riley Emmerson vs Francis Lessard Fight Video

February 8, 2009 - By

Only 2:36 into Sundays game Riley Emmerson of the Rochester Americans dropped the gloves and exchanged about a dozen punches with Francis Lessard of the San Antonio Rampage.  Each player kept their helmets on the entire time, more than likely due to the fact that AHL League President and CEO David Andrews was in attendance at the game.  Fighting in hockey is set to become a topic of discussion over the summer.

I’ll have more on the topic of fighting in the next day or two.

Jordan Henry and Adam Keefe exchanged a few punches in the second period as well, but we weren’t able to get any footage – wouldn’t have been worth the upload time anyways.

Riley Emmerson vs Sean McMorrow Fight Video

February 5, 2009 - By

As expected, Riley Emmerson and former Amerk Sean McMorrow dropped the gloves the second the puck hit the ice on Wednesday night.  This is Emmersons first year in the American Hockey League and he continues to square off against any of the known “heavyweights” he plays against.  Many had questions about Emmerson, but he continues to stand up against others and he can also play hockey.  On the flip side, the opposition he fought against earlier in the game sits and keeps the bench warm.

Another great quality of Emmerson is that he very rarely takes any undisciplined penalties.  It’s hard to imagine that with all of the fights he has been in, he still has fewer penalty minutes than Jordan Henry.

Apologies about the poor quality of the video, YouTube does not seem to be recognizing that it’s a higher quality and providing that option.

Fight Video: Tanner Glass vs Nicolas Blanchard

January 25, 2009 - By

The puck barely touched the ice for the first time on Saturday night at the Times Union Center when Nicolas Blanchard (Albany River Rats) and Tanner Glass (Rochester Americans) dropped their gloves to fight as the game got underway.  YouTube did not seem to pick up on the higher quality of the video, apologies that it did not upload as intended.  A decent fight that lasted almost a minute.

The Amerks were shutout 3-0 by the River Rats to lose their third straight in three nights prior to heading into the All-Star break.

Check out our game night entry and our post game write up about the loss.  The fight at the start of the game seemd to have little effect on the actual game, but did provide some early entertainment for those in the seats.

Amerks vs Senators Fight Videos; Emmerson, Henry, Clark

January 17, 2009 - By

Here’s the fight videos from the Amerks 4-1 loss against the Binghamton Senators on Wednesday January 14, 2009.  More info on the game?  Check out our post game report.

Riley Emmerson vs Jeremy Yablonski

Jordan Henry vs Zack Smith

Neil Clark vs Geoff Waugh

Video: Riley Emmerson vs Eric Neilson 12/10/2008

December 15, 2008 - By

Riley Emmerson of the Rochester Americans vs Eric Neilson of the Peoria Rivermen on December 10, 2008 at Blue Cross Arena.

Riley Emmerson vs Paul Crosty Fight Video

November 22, 2008 - By

Riley Emmerson of the Rochester Americans and Paul Crosty of the Manchester Monarchs dropped the gloves on Friday night at Blue Cross Arena, here’s the footage we got:

Tanner Glass vs Darryl Bootland Fight Video

November 11, 2008 - By

Tanner Glass took on Darryl Bootland when the Rochester Americans and Manitoba Moose played on November 10, 2008 at Blue Cross Arena.  Enjoy!

A higher quality version is available, click here and then click on “watch in high quality.” Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t allow a direct link to the higher quality version.

Riley Emmerson vs Guillaume Desbiens Fight Video

November 8, 2008 - By

One of the few highlights from the Amerks 5-1 loss on Friday night against the Manitoba Moose.  Riley Emmerson and Guillaume Desbiens dropped the gloves during the second period and went at it.

Neil Clark vs Jon Mirasty October 10, 2008

October 10, 2008 - By

Neil Clark and Jon Mirasty dropped the gloves at the first game of the 08/09 season at Blue Cross Arena. The anticipated match up for opening night had been between heavyweight Steve MacIntyre and Jon Mirasty, but the Edmonton Oilers ruined that when they claimed “Big Mac” off of waivers on the first day of Amerks training camp.

Amerks and Crunch End of Season Brawl

June 17, 2008 - By

At one of the last regular season games between the Rochester Americans and Syracuse Crunch nine out of ten players on the ice got into a fight. The Amerks were pushed around the entire season by the Crunch, it was sad that it took all season for something like this to happen. I managed to record this video from our seats as the events unfolded.

(This fight had happened on April 11, 2008 even though this article was posted in June 2008)

It was disappointing that Anthony Stewart wasn’t willing to quickly drop his gloves with Mirasty. Mirasty isn’t a small dude, but neither is Stewart. Stewarts excuse was that the linesman had already grabbed him and pushed him towards the penalty box. Yet Mirasty managed to skate away and continue fighting.

Mirasty got away and was third man in on a scuffle between Lojek and not sure who else, at that point Tyler Plante took a stroll out and pulled him off. He later said he had no idea he was pulling Mirasty off and second guessed himself at that point (i would too)!

Mike Funk and Derick Brassard were doing some dancing around, they both fell to the [...]Read More