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Amerks Highlights from Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals

July 31, 2012 - By
Amerks Highlights from Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals

There haven’t been that many playoff highlights in recent years for the Rochester Americans but the past is full of them.  Here you’ll find some highlights from game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup finals between the Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

Jody Gage, Mike Keane and Don Lever are just a few names in the highlights below from this 1987 game.  For all of the highlights from the 1986/1987 playoffs click through to The American Dream The Drive for Five 1987 Calder Cup Video.

Other highlights from the past I’ve also posted are:

One of the many great things about all of these videos is how Don Stevens sounds the same back then as he does now.  Here’s the videos:

5/20/87 Mike Keane and Jim Hofford fight in the first period of Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

5/20/87 Steven Fletcher and Jim Hofford fight in the second period of Game 6 of the 1987 Calder Cup Finals between the Rochester Amerks and Sherbrooke Canadiens.

5/20/87 Jim Jackson scores the first goal for the [...]Read More

1996 Video Highlighting Amerks Calder Cup Win

August 12, 2011 - By
1996 Video Highlighting Amerks Calder Cup Win

In 1995 the Rochester Americans home opener was October 13.  They went on to win the 1996 Calder Cup.  In 2011 the Amerks home opener is October 13th. A championship isn’t won off of one date but given hockey superstitions can’t hurt to point it out.  The Amerks defeated the Portland Pirates in seven games to win the Calder Cup on home ice on June 13, 1996, a day that is still clear as day for many fans.

What would happen during that season though was unclear.  Steve Donner had purchased the Rochester Americans from the Buffalo Sabres and rebuilt the team into what they thought would be a winner and it turned out to be just that.

“The seeds of the Calder Cup were planted in the ruins of the previous year,” is said early on in the video.

“They tried to see if a talented development team would work here and I think the answer has been a resounding no,” Steve Donner said.  “They’ve recognized that and given us a chance to change the equation to help their needs and help us for the future.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  A development team with expected talent rarely wins championships. [...]Read More

The American Dream The Drive for Five 1987 Calder Cup Video

August 11, 2011 - By
The American Dream The Drive for Five 1987 Calder Cup Video

There really aren’t enough words that could describe this video from WHEC highlighting the Rochester Americans 1986/1987 Calder Cup Championship season, you need to just watch it.  Working on getting more classics like this online to share.  There’s so many classic Amerks videos out there that have never been seen by most of us “newer” fans.

Don Lever, John van Boxmeer, Jody Gage, Gates Orlando, Benoit Hogue, Daren Puppa, Ray Sheppard, Darcy Wakaluk and so many more names that will bring back memories. You can see the full roster here on

Great quote in the video, “It is not necesarily the team with the best talent that wins championships. Desire often dictates the difference between success and failure. The 1986 1987 Amerks drive to a 5th Calder Cup was built around the kind of character and leadership that comes from desire.”

Great bit of info that led to winning the division championship:

In the 1986–87 season the John VanBoxmeer-coached team won the division championship on the last game of the season against the Binghamton Whalers. The Amerks were one point behind the Whalers and playing in Binghamton. After goalie Darcy Walkaluk paced the team to a tie [...]Read More

AHL Approval and Details All that Remain of Amerks Sale to the Sabres

June 24, 2011 - By
AHL Approval and Details All that Remain of Amerks Sale to the Sabres

Curt Styres selling the Rochester Americans franchise to Terry Pegula of the Buffalo Sabres has been as much of a secret as Terry Pegula buying the Sabres earlier this year.  Everyone has known it’s happening, the only thing that held things up was all of the legal mumbo jumbo and league approval, two things that were guaranteed to happen.  That’s the same thing that has been happening with the sale of the Amerks to the Sabres.

All indications point to the paperwork being finalized and the only thing remaining is approval of the American Hockey League Board of Governors that will be meeting early next week in Hilton Head. Is there any reason the league would not approve this sale?  Of course not.  Everyone knows the Amerks need it for long term health of the franchise and the AHL could use one of it’s oldest teams back at the top of their game.

I’m pretty confident others will have all of the details (costs, negotiations, fate of the Amerks front office etc) before I do but it’s safe to say this deal is complete, every i has a dot and every t is crossed.

The Terry Pegula WNY hockey empire [...]Read More

Amerks Will Be Calder Cup Contenders Again This Season

July 2, 2010 - By

The second day of free agency has started and even though there were not any players signed for the Amerks, the Panthers did hire Mike Santos to be the new assistant general manager.  Santos will be overseeing the Amerks and he already spent most his first day working with Jody Gage.  A month ago I wrote that things were not all doom and gloom saying the lines of communication will be open, the Amerks are looking forward to an improved season, and everyone will have an open mind.  That’s exactly what has happened.

The Amerks were considered Calder Cup contenders for the 09/10 season and will be again this season.  That’s assuming there isn’t a long stretch of injuries, call ups and internal disagreements with the coaching staff.

Here’s more about the open lines of communication from Steve Gorten:

Tallon said Santos will work closely with AHL Rochester’s director of player personnel Jody Gage and the rest of the Americans brass, so it looks like the Panthers’ rocky relationship with its minor-league affiliate can be smoothed over. In fact, Tallon said Santos and Gage were on the phone all day working together to sign some AHL free agents.

[...]Read More

Confidence is Key for the Amerks, They May Have it Back

April 13, 2010 - By

The Rochester Americans team that played in October and November was a much different team than the one that played down the stretch.  The team that played early in the season had a sort of swagger to them, some excitement and even appeared to be having fun.  The team did not lose their fourth game of the season until November 28th, the 20th game of the season.  At some point after that game the swagger slowly faded away.

After talking to a number of different players over the past week and watching practice on Tuesday morning I get the feeling that the swagger and confidence that has been talked about and also disappeared is back.  It’s pretty simple, you’re happy when you’re winning and you’re miserable when you’re losing.

I’ve watched a lot of practices in the mornings and the team that practiced on Tuesday morning looked to be a different team than the one I watched a few weeks ago.  The execution of drills, the passes, the shots and even the saves by Alexander Salak and Tyler Plante looked better.

It may have also helped that the coaches were more interactive and also giving a lot more specific directions.

Speaking [...]Read More

Amerks Roster Set for Run at the Playoffs; Repik Up

March 11, 2010 - By

The only roster move on Wednesday was Michal Repik being called up to the Florida Panthers.  There were no clear day roster moves to help toughen up the blue line.  There had been talk by Amerks and Panthers management that they wanted to make a change or two but as it turns out nothing happened.  Looking at the bigger picture and the amount of teams in the AHL the amount of moves is usually minimal.

The rosters can consist of 20 players and two goalies.  A player can be replaced because of injuries or call ups.  Also, players brought in from college or junior leagues are exempt and can be added at any time.

The Florida Panthers did loan Craig Weller to the Chicago Wolves, a move that many had thought would see a player loaned back to the Amerks in exchange.  Weller had been acquired from the Boston Bruins in a trade that also included Dennis Seidenberg.  Weller was set to make another $100k this season which is probably why the deal happened, a salary dump.

We could debate and discuss and question why nothing happened, but that wouldn’t be very productive (right now).  The clear day roster was [...]Read More

Nolan Says Panthers are Aware of Amerks Slump

February 22, 2010 - By

There is no denying the Rochester Americans have been in a long slump and have barely been holding on to second place in the North Division for some time now.  Fans have read about and witnessed the poor play for themselves, heard excuses comments from the coaches and players, but have questioned whether or not anyone is going to do anything about it.

We know that Curt Styres, Lewis Staats, Ted Nolan, Jody Gage and everyone else in the office cares about the success of this franchise but what can they really do on their own?  Not all that much, which brings up the question was recently raised by Kevin Oklobzija, If the parent team doesn’t care, why should the players?

I asked Ted Nolan on Sunday afternoon if they have talked to the Florida Panthers about what has been going on (the slump and possible reasons for it) in Rochester and he gave a quick answer of yes.  He said they’ve been on the phone and talked a lot of what’s been going on.  He didn’t provide any other details about whether or not any changes or help will be provided, but [...]Read More

The Blue Line Show February 6th Archive with Jody Gage Interview

February 8, 2010 - By

The Blue Line show that airs on Saturday mornings on 950AM in Rochester is the area’s only all hockey talk radio show.

The archives from their show that aired on February 6th that featured an interview with Jody Gage is available for download at  The interview with Gage starts at around the 26 minute mark in the full archive of the show or you can download just the Gage interview.

Send the show an email and give them some feedback!

Saturday Morning: Jody Gage on The Blue Line Show

February 6, 2010 - By

Jody Gage will be a guest on The Blue Line show today (Saturday morning 2/6) at around 10:25am on SportsRadio 950 ESPN.  The show runs from 10-11am every Saturday on 950AM in Rochester or you can listen online at

Here’s the bio about the show:

The Blue Line Show is a show dedicated to Rochester and WNY hockey.  It is a one-hour program from 10-11 a.m. Saturday mornings on SportsRadio 950 ESPN in Rochester.  It is hosted by Seth Pohorence and Matthew Coller.  We are two nuts for hockey whose goal it is to discuss and promote local hockey.  They love the Sabres, Amerks and RIT and you WILL hear us talking about them!  If you’d like to talk about them, call in during the show at 585-222-6397.

THANKS and Keep Listening!

You can check out more about the show at where you can also download archives of previous shows and give it a listen.  If you have any questions or suggestions for the show send them an email through their web site.

ps… Listen for the ad that will air at some point during the show!

Graham Mink All-Star Captain; Vote Amerks into All-Star Game

December 4, 2009 - By

Graham Mink was named a playing Captain on Thursday for the 2010 AHL All-Star game and with that honored he joins a distinguished group of current and former Amerks.  Previous Amerks honored as AHL All-Star Captains include Jody Gage, Randy Cunneyworth, Denis Hamel, and Rory Fitzpatrick.

All you have to do is look at Mink’s resume and watch him play to understand why he was honored.  Two Calder Cup championships.  Leadership.  Scoring.  Play’s hard every game.  He has fun.  He’s smart.  Involved in the community.  The list goes on.

I’ll be traveling to the All-Star Game again this season and will have full reports again.

You can vote for players, plenty of Amerks on the list, into the AHL All-Star Game here –

Here’s the complete press release from the American Hockey League:

For Immediate Release
December 3, 2009


(Rochester, NY)… American Hockey League President and CEO David Andrews announced today that Nolan Baumgartner of the Manitoba Moose and Graham Mink of the Rochester Americans will serve as playing captains for the 2010 Time Warner Cable AHL All-Star Classic, to [...]Read More

Gameday: Big Crowd and Big Game Expected for Amerks vs Penguins Tonight

November 27, 2009 - By

The Rochester Americans game tonight could be something special if everything goes as planned.  The team has had a major focus on ticket sales for the game tonight against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and it could be the biggest in recent memory.

About a year ago at this time I had wrote that it was, “up to ownership and management to improve the product on the ice,” and I think it’s safe to say they answered the call and have done everything needed.  Curt Styres opened his wallet, put an awesome team on the ice, now it’s time to the fans to continue proving the theory that winning improves attendance.  If everything goes as planned it’s going to be a packed house.

If you don’t have tickets or know anyone who does not make sure they call the Amerks office at (585) 454-5335.  Some fans who stood in line last Friday for tickets did not get to their seats until the first period was almost over.

It has to be easier to sell tickets when the team is one of the best in the American Hockey League and has been since the start of the season.  [...]Read More