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Indian Head Nickel at Center Ice Again

October 1, 2009 - By

Lewis Staats places the Indian Head Nickel at center ice

The crews at Blue Cross Arena spent this past Tuesday and Wednesday putting down the ice at Blue Cross Arena for the first time this season.

Last season Lewis Staats and Curt Styres had talked about starting some traditions of their own with the new venture in Rochester.  One of the ideas was to bury a coin at center ice.

That tradition is continuing and the nickel was placed at center ice on Tuesday afternoon prior to the start of the season.

Let’s hope things work out better this season or anyone who is superstituous may want it removed.

Here’s the rest of the story about the nickel from last October:

Embedded under an inch and a half of ice, you will find one of the rarest coins in all of North America, an Indian-head nickel, also known as the buffalo nickel.

The date on the 72-year-old collector’s item reads 1936, and although the date may seem meaningless to many, it actually poses quite the opposite for the Amerks. Coincidentally, 1936 is the inaugural season of operation for the AHL, the very league the Amerks [...]Read More

Amerks Getting Back to The Top

August 26, 2009 - By

The Amerks had a media lunch event today that was a round table discussion of sorts about the past, present, future, and any questions in between.  A lot was discussed and I’ll try and sum up a lot of it the best I can.  The one thing that sticks out is that the Amerks are the Amerks.  They are not a team affiliated with someone else.

The Amerks want to be the best organization of any sports league, not just the American Hockey League.  They want to provide the best entertainment for the fans and also be the most open organization.  Those are not my words, those are the words spoken by everyone present at the event.

Ted Nolan, Jody Gage, Lewis Staats, Jolian Foster, Ric Seiling, Don Stevens, Craig Rybczynski, and Adam Winslow were all present from the organization.

Here’s a few of the topics covered.

** Jerseys – The team will have three jerseys this season.  A white jersey, a blue jersey, and the stars and stripes jerseys.  The one that was worn during the 95/96 season.  The white and blue jerseys will have the horizontal striping at the bottom.

** Training Camp – the team will [...]Read More

More Bad Press for Amerks

July 28, 2009 - By

The news on Monday that Fred Costello would not be returning as organist for the Rochester Americans did not have to be that big of a story but it’s turned into one.  The reason?  The way Amerks President Lewis Staats is being portrayed as handling the situation.

It also doesn’t help that this made the front page of this mornings sports section in the Democrat and Chronicle.

This quote in the D&C from Costello sums up the situation, “It’s not the fact that they made a move. It’s how I was told.”

Every sports fan in Rochester knows Fred Costello from Amerks and Rochester Red Wings games for playing the organ.  He plays the music.  That’s the way it is and has always been.

John Catalano, the Amerks vice president of production and marketing was also quoted in the D&C saying, “We realize this is not a popular decision, but sometimes unpopular decisions need to be made.”

When an unpopular decision like this is going to be made it needs to be handled a little more delicately.  All one has to do is look at the comments attached to the article in the Democrat and Chronicle.

If the team had [...]Read More

Winning is Everything for Chris Taylor

July 16, 2009 - By

The Rochester Americans put the icing on the cake Thursday afternoon by signing veteran center Chris Taylor to a 2yr American Hockey League contract.  The ownership was not joking around when they said they would be bringing in veteran leadership once free agency began.

The veteran leadership that Chris Taylor will bring to the Amerks locker room is something that has been missing in recent years.  Taylor said, “I play hockey to win, I don’t play hockey to play hockey.  I want to win and expect everyone in this dressing room wants to win.”

“This is one of those times when we can take something good that was there in the past and bring it into today to help him and help us,” Lewis Staats said before introducing Taylor.

Over the past two weeks the Rochester Americans and Florida Panthers have made a strong statement that they’re committed to winning by signing Jeff Taffe, Jamie Johnson, Clay Wilson, Graham Fink, and now Chris Taylor.

Any time a player signs a contract with a team they will say that they’re excited, most of the time they are and at other times it’s just good public relations.  When Chris Taylor said he’s [...]Read More

Amerks Announce Major Press Conference

June 30, 2009 - By

The Rochester Americans sent out a notice this afternoon that they will be hosting a major press conferenc on Wednesday afternoon to announce the new VP of Hockey Operations.  My guess was that they would be announcing that this is the new role of Jody Gage, but someone who supposedly knows the situation said it is not.

I’ll be there for the announcement and will post live on the @LetsGoAmerks Twitter account when we learn who it is.  It’s sort of exciting not knowing something ahead of time, here’s hoping it’s an exciting announcement.

Given that tomorrow is July 1st, the start of free agency hopefully we’ll be able to get more information about players being signed or the direction they’re looking to go.

In attendance will be Curt Styres (Owner and CEO of the Rochester Americans), Lewis Staats (President of the Rochester Americans), Don Stevens (Voice of the Rochester Americans), and of course the new VP of Hockey Operations.

Stay Tuned!!

Plans Fall Through for Outdoor Game

May 30, 2009 - By

The Democrat and Chronicle reported today that plans for an outdoor game between the Rochester Americans and Hershey Bears at Frontier Field have fallen through.\r\n\r\nEver since the success of the Winter Classic in Buffalo the idea of an outdoor hockey game has been on the minds of every league and organization.\r\n\r\nThe reasons given for the idea not becoming a reality is the costs associated with the event.  Originally planned for Frontier Field it would have cost approx $500,000 just for the costs associated with constructing the rink.  That does not add in any costs for any weather related expenses and also the potential repairs to Frontier Field if the field was damaged.\r\n\r\nThe article also states that the Rhinos stadium was not considered.  Lewis Staats states in the article, “because there are no permanent locker and shower facilities for the teams or game officials.”\r\n\r\nIn an interesting twist, Rochester Rhino\’s owner Rob Clark has said that they were never contacted by the Rochester Americans about a possible event like this.  Rob Clark and Soccer Sam also called Lewis Staats about 3 to 4 months ago to ask for a moment to talk about an outdoor game and Lewis Staats said he [...]Read More

Jody Gage Removed as Amerks General Manager

May 12, 2009 - By

Jody Gage is being removed as general manager of the Rochester Americans by ownership. Gage has spent about half of his life (24 out of 49) with the Amerks organization, 11 years as a player and 13 years in the front office.

Kevin Oklobzija reported in the Democrat and Chronicle about the change that is coming.

My guess, and it’s simply a guess, is that Curt Styres and Lewis Staats are trying to find a way to lower expenses.  It’s been widely assumed that Gage is paid a decent salary but really has limited control regarding player moves.  The roster is controlled by the Florida Panthers.  Gage often worked with Jack Birch and the Panthers last season but ultimately they had the final say.

Anyone who has been watching headlines around the world of hockey and sports in general knows that teams are cutting costs where they can.

From the article:

Gage, 49, admitted a change is in the works but said, “I don’t have a comment right now.”

The team is expected to address the situation on Wednesday. Amerks owner Curt Styres and president Lewis Staats could not be reached for comment.

Gage said he couldn’t provide insight [...]Read More

Rochester to host AHL All-Star Game in 2011?

January 28, 2009 - By

In two years the American Hockey League will be having it’s 75th anniversary of the All-Star Classic and the league still needs a home for the event.  The President and CEO of the AHL stated at the annual state of the league address that he would like to have it in a city that has some history in the league.  The general consensus amongst others seemed to narrow that down to either Hershey or Rochester.

The Rochester Americans last hosted the All-Star game on January 17, 2000 at Blue Cross Arena.  The Hershey Bears last hosted the event on January 16, 1996.  The four year difference would not really make that much of a difference with one city deserving it more than the other.

As we spent the weekend in Worcester for the 2009 All-Star Classic events it was amazing to talk to so many people about the Amerks and Rochester in general.  The one comment that seemed to be made by most was about wanting to see the Amerks get back amongst the elite of the league.

Lewis Staats also commented that it had been brought up in discussions, but nothing more than in general conversation.

When I mentioned [...]Read More

Booster Club Meet the Players Dinner

December 5, 2008 - By

The Rochester Americans Booster Club held their annual Meet the Players Dinner at the Carriage House in Chili on Wednesday night, it was a great way to get to know the team and meet other fans.

I wasn’t sure if I’d have a good time or not, but it was a lot of fun.  I had never been to one of these dinners, if you’re in the same boat as I was make sure to go the next time.  Also, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others, everyone is an Amerks fan.  The more we get involved the more I notice how close the community is in friendships and dedication.

The night started with a cocktail hour followed by a sit down buffet dinner.  The players were spread out around the room ensuring that no matter where you sat you would be nearby someone.

We sat next to Keaton Ellerby and Michal Repik, both are funny guys.  They kept us more than entertained throughout dinner.  Not much was actually discussed regarding the team on the ice.

At events like this many people seem to think that the players are either keeping to themselves, or not very friendly.. [...]Read More

This is What $2 Million in Scouting Gets You

November 20, 2008 - By

So, the Rochester Americans lost to the Toronto Marlies tonight at Blue Cross Arena by the final score of 5-2 in front of one of the smallest crowds that anyone could remember.

After the teams were done warming up I was able to count just over 200 people in seats around the arena.  On my way to spend money on concessions I asked a few ushers as well as some old timers if they had ever seen the arena like this, everyone either shook their head in disbelief and a couple said, “at least not in the new building.”

I feel sorry for all of the players, and while a few of them have made bad mistakes, I’m not going to blame them for this season.  During the post game show, Stefan Meyer made a comment about the coaching staff being terrific and if they all continue to work hard like they have been eventually something has to happen.

The players had been giving a solid effort, trying really hard, doing their best, until last night.  Against the Marlies they just could not seem to get it all together.  The Marlies are a team that isn’t doing too [...]Read More

Looking back at the first 20% of the Season

November 17, 2008 - By

The Amerks loss to the Hamilton Bulldogs on Sunday evening ended the first 20% of the season.  The team has won two games, at this pace they’ll win eight more through the rest of the season.

So, anyone have anything positive to look back on?

While the Amerks have only won two games and are in the basement, some other teams are in similar positions.  The Albany River Rats, Manchester Monarchs have each won three games, and the San Antonio Rampage have only won two as well.

Unless you haven’t been following the team, they’re basically last in every stats category.  If you want more stats, check out and, talking about them in detail is pointless.

The one thing that has been positive is that the players on the team are working hard.  Even though the team is in the basement statistically, they haven’t quit the season (yet).

They have lost confidence at times during some games, but they’ve continued to put forth an effort.

They’re a young team put into a bad situation.  During the 07/08 season the Amerks team was one that seemed to stop caring completely and rarely put in a solid effort.

Typically in [...]Read More