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Amerks Need To Beat Lake Erie

December 18, 2008 - By

Tomorrow night the Amerks take on the Lake Erie Monsters for the second time in two weeks.  They really need to, once again, get a solid win against the Monsters.  The Amerks are actually starting to catch up to them in the rankings and a win tomorrow could mean the task is easier than expected.

The Monsters are the team directly above the Amerks in the standings.  They have 24 points and the Amerks have 16.  One game against a division rival can mean 4 points in the standings very quickly.

The Amerks are working hard at practice again today.  The defensemen are looking really solid.  You can see the difference in Shawn Matthias.  He is far more confident in himself (at least in the practices I have seen him in so far), and he is moving against defensemen much better.

Repik is looking solid as well.  And when they are on the same line, it seems no defensemen has a chance against them.

Greg Classen is still not on the ice for the Amerks, so don’t be thinking you’ll see him in the lineup tomorrow night.  Because you won’t.  He has only been in one practice.  He [...]Read More

Back To The Grind: Practice 12-17-2008

December 17, 2008 - By


After a well-deserved two day break, the Amerks are back on the ice today with a few additions.  Shawn Matthias and Michal Repik are back from their call-ups to the Florida Panthers.  They had great chemistry when playing together in Florida, I would like to see that transfer to the AHL.

One major piece missing from the puzzle today is Noah Welch who went back to Florida after the game on Sunday night.  His conditioning stint in Rochester is over and we will miss him.  Rory Fitzpatrick is also not skating.  As earlier reported, he is out after having a surgery to repair his meniscus.  He is, however, up and walking around.  And it was said that he should return for Christmas.

It’s interesting to watch the players shoot on both Mike Brodeur and Chris Beckford-Tseu.  Brodeur doesn’t let anything in, even during practice.  He looks like he has belonged here in Rochester his whole life.  Beckford-Tseu is looking…well, like Beckford Tseu.  He stops some good ones, he lets some in.  Hopefully, having a real number one goaltender will help Chris get better.

Mike said that he is actively seeking a contract here in Rochester.  He wants to [...]Read More

Matthias and Repik are Back; Sweetland Sent to the Everblades

December 15, 2008 - By

Shawn Matthias

The Florida Panthers sent Shawn Matthias and Michal Repik back to the Amerks.

Matthias has been with the Panthers since November 28th and played in 10 games tallying one point.  He got a decent amount of time on the ice averaging about 12 minutes per game.  Matthias has struggled with the Amerks this season so hopefully the chance he had to fill in with the Panthers along with the Amerks being back to doing well gives the kid a boost of confidence to really show us what he’s made of.


Repik was originally called up on December 6th and scored his first professional goal in his first game with the Panthers.  That was his only point while being called up, he averaged about 8 minutes of ice time.  He’s also the leader in points with the Amerks.

As they arrived back in town Andrew Sweetland left town heading to the Florida Everblades.  In 21 games with the Amerks he has struggled and only managed to get one assist.  He’s a fast skater with decent hands, but just did not seem to have enough talent to keep in the AHL at this time.

Repik A Good Match For The NHL

December 8, 2008 - By

Michal Repik quickly became one of my favorite players for the Amerks.  He has been a star on a team that hasn’t seen much light.  He is the Amerks’ scoring leader with six goals and eight assists in 24 games.

Only 23:53 into his NHL debut and he scored his first goal on a rebound shot from Ballard.  In only five minutes and thirty three seconds of ice time he already has shown he can make an impact at the NHL level.

He is really having a good debut game with two shots on goal with 6:44 of ice time with 10:00 left in the 3rd period.

Tanner Glass is also playing in tonight’s game in Ottawa.  He had a “fight” with Neil.  I wouldn’t really call it an all out fight.  It was a pretty lame attempt on Tanner’s part.  But, at least he tried.

I hope to see Repik back in the Amerks’ lineup soon.  I want to see him go to the AHL All-Star game so I can see what he has to offer in that game.

As far as I am concerned, the Panthers can keep Tanner Glass.  He has been mostly invisible [...]Read More

Amerks Send The River Rats Back To The Sewer; Win 4-0

December 8, 2008 - By

Mike Brodeur made his first start in goal with the Amerks a memorable one last night when he shutout the Albany River Rats.  He made the Rats (who just beat the Norfolk Admirals 8-1 on Friday night) look like a mess on the ice.  But, he wasn’t the only player who really stepped up to show what they can do.

Tanner Glass, who has been invisible most of the season, stepped up to grab a Gordie Howe Hat Trick.  He tried to fight Dwyer right off of the opening faceoff, but was just handed a slashing penalty which really didn’t do anyone any good. 

He scored the Amerks’ 4th goal in the third period and got into a fight basically right after coming out of the box for his first penalty.  It’s really too bad that it takes the Florida Panther’s GM being in attendance to get something out of Glass. 

He was rewarded for last night’s play with a call up to the Panthers to play in tonight’s game against the Ottawa Senators.  Also, getting a deserved call-up for tonight’s game in Ottawa is Michal Repik, the Amerks points leader.

The Amerks certainly all played their best [...]Read More

Glass and Repik Called Up; Fitzpatrick Out

December 7, 2008 - By

Tanner Glass earned his first call up of the season to the Panthers following a strong performance with a Gordie Howe Hat Trick in Sundays win against the Albany River Rats.  Glass is currently seventh on the team in scoring with four goals and five assists.  Hopefully he’s not gone for too long for our sake, up until tonight he may not have shown he was ready for the NHL, but he’s been a big part of the Amerks.

Michal Repik will also be joining him in Ottawa in the morning for his NHL debut.  He got the nod less than 24 hours after I mentioned he should represent the Amerks at the AHL All-Star Classic.  Repik leads the team in points with six goals and eight assists.

They say everything happens in three’s, and that’s the case tonight as well.  We learned that Rory Fitzpatrick will be out until at least Christmas recovering from surgery to repair torn meniscus in his right knee.  He suffered a knee injury in Grand Rapids on November 29th.  Rather than play injured which he could have done, he’s making the smart decision to get his knee fixed.

2009 AHL All-Star Classic Voting; Which Amerk Should Represent the team?

December 7, 2008 - By

The American Hockey League has announced that 2009 AHL All-Star Classic Fan Balloting presented by Reebok will began today (Monday, December 8) at noon EST, exclusively on the official Web site of the AHL,

Fans will have the opportunity to vote for the most deserving AHL players by visiting and completing the official Reebok AHL All-Star Fan Ballot. The players receiving the most votes by position will earn berths in the starting lineups of both the Canadian AHL All-Star team and the PlanetUSA AHL All-Star team at the 2009 AHL All-Star Classic presented by Charter Communications, to be held Jan. 25-26 in Worcester, Mass.

A committee of AHL coaches will select the remaining All-Stars, and all 29 clubs will be represented on the final rosters.

Which raises the question, who from the Rochester Americans should be represented at this years All-Star Classic?

The top two choices at this point would be Michal Repik, Janis Sprukts, or Jason Garrison.  Repik would probably be the top choice since he currently leads the team with 14 points (6 goals, 8 assists).  Janis Sprukts isn’t too far behind with 10 points (4 goals, 6 assists).

Depending on the [...]Read More

Booster Club Meet the Players Dinner

December 5, 2008 - By

The Rochester Americans Booster Club held their annual Meet the Players Dinner at the Carriage House in Chili on Wednesday night, it was a great way to get to know the team and meet other fans.

I wasn’t sure if I’d have a good time or not, but it was a lot of fun.  I had never been to one of these dinners, if you’re in the same boat as I was make sure to go the next time.  Also, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others, everyone is an Amerks fan.  The more we get involved the more I notice how close the community is in friendships and dedication.

The night started with a cocktail hour followed by a sit down buffet dinner.  The players were spread out around the room ensuring that no matter where you sat you would be nearby someone.

We sat next to Keaton Ellerby and Michal Repik, both are funny guys.  They kept us more than entertained throughout dinner.  Not much was actually discussed regarding the team on the ice.

At events like this many people seem to think that the players are either keeping to themselves, or not very friendly.. [...]Read More

Amerks Still Searching For First Road Win…Don't Get The Win But, Take a Point

November 30, 2008 - By

Sorry for the lack of reports on the Amerks’ games this week.  The family was on vacation up in Toronto and with the holidays, it has been hard to get thing going.  We will have a full week report after tonight’s game.

The Amerks are currently playing the Toronto Marlies where they are fighting for their first road win.  I am watching the game on AHL Live.  Toronto has a very good feed.  I would recommend if you want to watch an away game on the site, a Toronto one would be the way to go.

The first period is almost over.  3:11 to go.  The score is 1-1.  Jason Garrison scored a nice one on the powerplay a few minutes ago.  I just tuned in (I forgot the game was early tonight) so I didn’t get to see the Marlies’ goal.

David Shantz is in goal for the Amerks.  He has been playing pretty solid this year.  Both in the ECHL with the Dayton Bombers and in Rochester although the loses don’t show that.  He really has improved by a lot after last season.

Amerks score on the powerplay again!  17:31 of the first.  2 for 3 [...]Read More

Practice 11-18-2008: We Have A Veteran That Needs To Get On The Ice

November 18, 2008 - By

Why in the world isn’t Jason Cipolla on the ice for the Amerks?  I watch him practice at least twice a week with the boys and I always wonder why he doesn’t still play.

He is barely older then Rory Fitzpatrick and it’s time to suit up.  When he is doing skating drills with players, he is always faster than almost all of them.  I want to see him signed to a PTO and get in a game or two.  Would it hurt anything?  No.

It hasn’t been that long since he was laced up and on the ice.  He was with the Hannover Scorpions until the 2005-06 season.

Jason could be a player that the fans here in Rochester can really get on board with.  He has always been a favorite of mine.  I wanted him to play last year when the going was tough (the whole year), and now I only want to see him back in the Red, White and Blue even more.

OK, enough about my obsession with Jason coming back to play.  I’m sure it’s never going to happen no matter how many times I ask him to suit up.

edit: There [...]Read More

Amerks Weren't Thrown to the Wolves…Pick Up One Point

November 15, 2008 - By

For some reason, no matter how bad the Amerks are.  They can always get a point or two out of the defending Calder Cup champions.  Tonight was no exception.

Although in real life the Amerks won this game 4-2…the score the officials gave them was a 3-2 shootout loss.  The officiating tonight made me want to vomit.  I almost threw my soda bottle at the guy but, then I thought about not wanting to be asked to leave.

The first goal taken away came in the first period.  The Amerks scored first…to take the lead.  The wonderful referee…Chris Brown…said it was in…it was clearly in on all accounts.  But, after the Wolves told him it wasn’t in, he asked a linesman (who was no where even near the play) and he changed his mind and took it off.  I wonder if Mr Brown had money riding on this game.

In the third period, Janis Sprukts had a nice breakaway.  He took it in, had a nice shot, it dinged off the post…but over the goal line.  The red light went on, the goal horn was sounded…it was in.  Then it was taken off the board again.

Can the Amerks catch [...]Read More

Amerks Lose Home Opener to Crunch

October 11, 2008 - By

It may sound like a familiar story, the Rochester Americans lose to the Syracuse Crunch, but what sets this one apart from last season is that the team put in a solid effort.  The Crunch had a few lucky bounces, and the Amerks appeared to have scored a goal but the light never went on.  The final score was 4-3.

Maybe someone can help out on that one.  I believe it was in the second period, a shot appeared to have went into the net and bounced right back out.  The goal light did not go on, and very few people seemed to have noticed.

The team put in a solid effort, never gave up.  There was one point in the second period where it seemed like the game was going south, but they picked up the slack.  The guys did well against a more talented and faster Crunch.  The team is still new (7 rookies, 2 second year players among 18 players), once they get a few games together and have more game play experience we’ll hope for better results.

It was impressive seeing Benoit Groulx and Jason Cipolla working hard behind the bench.  Benoit was constantly [...]Read More