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Amerks' Monday Morning Workout

November 24, 2008 - By

The team was schedule to have practice this morning at 11am, a better term would be that the team had a workout.  They spent 58 minutes on the ice without a single puck.

Benoit Groulx wasn’t kidding after Fridays game when he said that the team whole lot worse on Monday.

The only time Groulx addressed the players directly was to tell them to do push ups.

The last drill involved the players doing sprints from side to side followed by push ups.  One player stood out that appeared to have no issues leaving the ice, and that was Mike Duco.

Was going to take close pictures, but a courteous head shake from a player gave me the hint that it was not the time or place.

As practice ended the team was told to hit the gym this afternoon and be back on the ice at 4pm.  Whether they’ll practice with pucks, or get worked even harder is not known.

Whether it was that or something else, Rory Fitzpatrick was not happy leaving the ice as he slammed his stick against the boards and tossed it into section 123.

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Amerks' Practice 10-28-2008

October 28, 2008 - By

I was hoping to see a really tough practice today after Saturday and Sunday’s games (and even Friday’s, it wasn’t a beautiful win).  And that is exactly what I am seeing.  Coach Benoit is not messing around today…not that he ever messes around.

During the first drill we are here for there are people still not hitting in the corners.  Benoit did not like that.  He called the whole team over to talk about how poorly he felt about that.  It sounded a little something like this. “We are so f***ing soft, so f***ing soft.  I don’t want to see you skating up and just putting your stick in there!  You hit your man and take the puck and get it out of there.”

They are now beating the bejesus out of each other in the corners.  And that is what I like to see.  Hit, hit, hit.  More hitting.  I want this team to start killing the other teams…literally.  I am sick of watching the other teams dig in the corner like professionals and we go in like pansies.  We will never win a corner battle that way.

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Amerks Lose Second Straight On The Road. 8-3

October 26, 2008 - By

The Bears and Amerks were supposed to renew their rivalry tonight in Hershey.  And if they did, the Bears came out on top big time.

I really don’t even have words to show my dissapointment in tonight’s game.  I would like it if Curt Styres or someone from the Amerks would give me back my $6 I paid to watch this game on my computer.

The first period and a half weren’t too bad.  The Bears would score then the Amerks would tie it up.  Then the flood gates broke open and the Bears scored three axtra goals by the end of the second making the score 5-2.

The third period was just sad, the Bears scoring three more goals while the Amerks managed to squeeze one more in.

Tyler Plante was in goal.  He really didn’t look as bad as it may sound.  Hershey had 50 shots on goal while the Amerks only put up 16 all together.  I mean seriously…the Bears had 23 shots in the 2nd period alone…

Goals for the Amerks were as follows:

Mike Duco (Micflicier, Ellerby) 19:23 in the first period.

Jacob Micflikier (Duco, Brine) 4:52 in the second period

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Videos of Saturday Night Fights

October 26, 2008 - By

Riley Emmerson, Mike Duco, Tanner Glass, Jon Mirasty, Ryan Garlock, and Dan Smith.. A Saturday night of fights between the Rochester Americans and Syracuse Crunch! I think I shrunk them down too much and lost some quality, will work on uploading clearer videos later.

Mike Duco vs Ryan Garlock

Round 1 – Jon Mirasty vs Riley Emmerson

Round 2 – Jon Mirasty vs Riley Emmerson

Tanner Glass vs Dan Smith – This never went any further due to Smiths injured thumb.

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Beat 'Em…Amerks Lose 6-1 To The Crunch

October 25, 2008 - By

The Rochester Americans lost tonight to the Syracuse Crunch in a sad 6-1 final score.  This, of course, is better than last year on the Crunch’s “Pink Out” night when the Amerks were creamed 9-2.

Emmerson made his AHL debut tonight and did a good job.  But, more on that later.

The first period started out with a quick epic fail when Starkov scored for the Crunch only 17 seconds into the game.  That was only the tip of the iceburg that was to come.

The Amerks were on the powerplay when Vigalante went to the box for tripping at 3:18.  That chance was short lived when Ellerby decided to get a penalty of his own at 4:02.  To add insult to injury, Drew Larman took yet another penalty, giving the Crunch a 4 on 3 powerplay.  The outcome of that situation is easy to imagine.  The Crunch (Wilson) scored their second goal of the night easily.

For the next ten minutes we fought off a few more penalty killing problems.  But, it wouldn’t last forever.  Wilson tallied his second goal of the night at 14:15 to put another nail in the coffin before the end of the [...]Read More

Amerks Win Their First Game of the Year…The Hard Work Pays Off

October 25, 2008 - By

The Rochester Americans won their first game of the season tonight against the Quad City Flames in a 5-4 victory.  Although the game really came down to the bitter end, the players put in 110% effort all night and their hard work finally payed off.

I have been at a lot of practices already this year and as you have read in my articles, I think the coaching staff is doing a far superior job than the last few years.  And I think Benoit’s “no screwing around” attitude has really given this team the need to work exceptionally hard for him.  But, I digress…

The first period of the game, the players came out to play on both sides of the ice.  Back and forth the puck went all period.  No quality shots were taken by either team and the period ended 0-0.  The Amerks were showing that they weren’t going to be taking the game lightly though.  They were immediately giving out hard hits on the boards to anyone, no matter what the size of the player.

The Flames got on the board first in the second period.  The Amerks wouldn’t stand for that for long though.  [...]Read More