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Panthers Game in Rochester was an Entertaining Success

September 24, 2010 - By
Panthers Game in Rochester was an Entertaining Success

When it was announced that the Florida Panthers were going to play a preseason game against the Boston Bruins a lot of people talked about how dumb it was and that no one would care.  I think Thursday night proved that a lot of people did care (over 4,700) and a lot of people had a great time.  A lot of preseason games in sports are pointless and provide no entertainment but the opposite occurred.  We saw some goals scored, great saves, big hits and some players fighting for jobs.

The attendance may have been different if it had been a team other than the Boston Bruins but that’s why the Bruins were picked, they knew they would be a draw.  There was definitely more Bruins gear in the stands than Panthers but there was also an impressive amount of Panthers attire.

Just to also toss this out there, the last time the Sabres played a preseason game in Rochester there was only around 3,000 people at the game.  Close to 5,000 for a Panthers vs Bruins game.  Yea.  But, that’s another debate.

One of the biggest complaints about the game ahead of time was the ticket price but based [...]Read More