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Panthers Game in Rochester was an Entertaining Success

September 24, 2010 - By
Panthers Game in Rochester was an Entertaining Success

When it was announced that the Florida Panthers were going to play a preseason game against the Boston Bruins a lot of people talked about how dumb it was and that no one would care.  I think Thursday night proved that a lot of people did care (over 4,700) and a lot of people had a great time.  A lot of preseason games in sports are pointless and provide no entertainment but the opposite occurred.  We saw some goals scored, great saves, big hits and some players fighting for jobs.

The attendance may have been different if it had been a team other than the Boston Bruins but that’s why the Bruins were picked, they knew they would be a draw.  There was definitely more Bruins gear in the stands than Panthers but there was also an impressive amount of Panthers attire.

Just to also toss this out there, the last time the Sabres played a preseason game in Rochester there was only around 3,000 people at the game.  Close to 5,000 for a Panthers vs Bruins game.  Yea.  But, that’s another debate.

One of the biggest complaints about the game ahead of time was the ticket price but based [...]Read More

A Couple of Things on Ellerby, Peters and Booth

September 23, 2010 - By
A Couple of Things on Ellerby, Peters and Booth

As much as I love the summer time, there’s no better way to spend the first day of fall than inside of Blue Cross Arena watching some hockey.  The Panthers finished up their morning skate and now it’s the Bruins turn on the ice.  Tuukka Rask will be getting the start in net for the Bruins, Tomas Vokoun for the Panthers.  We’re in for a treat with these two goalies.

I’ll have more as the day goes on, here’s just a couple of things..

After the morning skate David Booth  said that he’s excited to play again and in a building where he started his professional career.  While smiling he said, “I just need to keep my head up.”

Andrew Peters  knows his role and said that he does not plan his fights but is always ready to fight if needed.  He’s determined to prove that he’s a great 4th line player and is going to do everything he can to not be sent down to the Amerks.  Peters was asked about his fight with his brother in the AHL years ago and he laughed saying, “my moms an attorney and I had to sign a document saying I’d never [...]Read More

Article Talking About Panthers Woes Includes Amerks

March 22, 2010 - By

The Florida Panthers are quietly working towards earning a top draft pick as one of the leagues worst teams this season.  There’s a few different things that have gone wrong which has led to the Panthers horrible season which were written about The Hockey Writers web site.  It should come as no surprise that some of those reasons are related to them calling up players from the Rochester Americans.  The way they’ve called up players has not only impacted the Panthers but the players themselves in their development.  Interesting to note they also mention the coach.

Read on and you’ll probably notice some similarities.

(Link to Full Story) Here’s an excerpt about the coach:

Pete DeBoer – Finally, the Panthers’ 2nd year coach has to be held accountable. When he was hired, I was all for new blood. He has an impressive junior hockey coaching resume and brought the excitement of the unknown to the NHL.  Unfortunately, as good as he was with the boys, he’s just as bad with the multi-million dollar salaried men.

The article goes on to say more, click the link above to read the rest.

And here’s something talking about players being [...]Read More

Actions of Panthers Will Speak for Themselves on Deadline Day

March 3, 2010 - By

The NHL trade deadline is at 3pm and the entire Florida Panthers organization has sunk into another few years of “rebuilding.”  The Panthers have already traded Jordan Leopold and Dominic Moore for draft picks, one pick in 2010 and one in 2011.  Jason Garrison was called up to the Amerks to replace Leopold and Shawn Matthias called up to replace Moore.  I think both of those players have improved as the season has gone on, something that can’t be said for the rest of the prospects.

The Panthers can dump all of the players they want for draft picks but when the current talent pool of prospects is underachieving, miserable, and not improving it paints a horrible outlook on the entire organization.  This season was supposed to be different for the Panthers and the Amerks.  This season they were going to make the playoffs, the prospects were going to get better.  None of that has happened for the Panthers.  The Amerks have stayed near the top of their division because of the money spent by Amerks owner Curt Styres.  If it wasn’t for him the Panthers affiliate in the AHL would again be one of the worst.

Randy Sexton has [...]Read More

Shawn Matthias Assigned to Rochester

October 14, 2009 - By

In a somewhat surprising move today the Florida Panthers sent Shawn Matthias back to Rochester on Wednesday.  All signs and reports (that I had read) out of Florida seemed to indicate he was playing well and earned a spot with the big club.

The Rochester Americans have a great roster and Matthias makes it even better.

He was widely criticized by everyone for his poor performance last season but he’s not likely to go back in time.  Matthias lost 20 pounds over the summer and got himself into better shape.  He’s leaner, faster, stronger, and mentally prepared for the season ahead.

Here’s what Peter DeBoer told George Richards over at On Frozen Pond:

The Panthers returned Matthias to their minor league team on Wednesday, coach Pete DeBoer saying everyone within the organization is where they should be. DeBoer wants Matthias to dominate play in the AHL although my bet is he’ll be back soon enough.

He needs to earn his ice time and score some goals,” DeBoer said. “He had a good training camp but hasn’t had a good season in the [AHL] yet. He needs to do that.”

Matthias is well aware of the [...]Read More

Panthers Sign former Avalanche draft pick Victor Oreskovich

October 9, 2009 - By

Victor OreskovichThe Florida Panthers announced on Thursday that they have agreed to terms with RW Victor Oreskovich on a two way contract.  Oreskovich has been in Rochester waiting for the contract to be finalized and is now waiting for visa issues to be cleared up so that he can play.

Oreskovich had retired from hockey in 2007 after he lost his passion for hockey due to a couple of injuries he had suffered.  After he graduated from Notre Dame he regained his passion for hockey and was looking for a chance to get back into the game.

His answer to getting back into the game?  Geting in touch with his former coach and current Panthers coach Pete DeBoer.  Oreskovich arrived at Panthers camp and proved he could play.  He obviously played well for the Panthers to offer him a two way contract.

I wrote an article last week about Oreskovich and his history, check it out:

Victor Oreskovich Fortunate to get a Second Chance

Victor Oreskovich Fortunate to get a Second Chance

October 2, 2009 - By

The Rochester Americans have a lineup that is making the rest of the league turn heads and realize this Amerks team is nowhere near the same team they faced last season.  The addition of players like Chris Taylor, Graham Mink, Mike York, Jamie Johnson, and Jeff Taffe are an offensive threat against every team they’ll face.

The Florida Panthers are currently talking with Victor Oreskovich about signing a contract, a player who could turn out to be a big surprise. I was going to wait until after I knew he was signed but it sounds like things are going well so hopefully I don’t jinx the process.

My guess is that he’s offered a two way NHL deal with the Florida Panthers. I have absolutely nothing to base that on except from what I’ve learned about the kid. The Panthers are still under the 50 player limit to NHL deals so there’s a chance for him.

Updated 10/8/2009 – On October 8th the Panthers officially signed Oreskovich to a two way NHL contract, an amazing opportunity for a player that took two years off.

Oreskovich signed a two way NHL contract with the Florida Panthers

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Amerks Open Training Camp With A Scrimmage

September 24, 2009 - By

The Rochester Americans opened the 2009 training camp getting right to the point, playing hockey!  There was not any skating, passing, or shooting drills.  The players got on the ice, skated a few laps and went right into playing a scrimmage.  It feels like a it was only a few weeks ago that the Rochester Americans cleaned out their lockers and went home for the summer.

Who were half those players out on the ice?  I have no idea and neither did a lot of other people.  They don’t have numbers or names on the practice jerseys and it’s the first time a lot of them have met.

After a brutal preseason travel schedule with the Florida Panthers the more recognizable players that we’ll be expecting the most from were given the morning off.  Those players were Graham Mink, Mike York, Kenndal McArdle, David Brine, Jamie Johnson, Jordan Henry, and Clay Wilson.  Rory Fitzpatrick was on the ice this morning prior to everyone else putting in some skating.  Assuming nothing crazy happens those players are all guaranteed roster spots for opening night.

Looking back at the start of 2008 training camp we were all hopeful [...]Read More

Florida Panthers Article: Optimism In Rochester

September 16, 2009 - By

The article below appeared on the Florida Panthers site this past Sunday about the optimism surrounding the upcoming Rochester Americans season, something that has been missing in recent years.

One thing that’s exciting is the interest in the Amerks that a lot of Panther fans have taken.  These fans view the Rochester Americans as the Rochester Americans, not just the prospects of the Florida Panthers.  They recognize the history of this team and seem to understand the importance of the Amerks winning and how that can positively impact the big club.  These are the same thoughts that have been shared by Florida management as well.

With the Amerks front office getting back to making the Amerks relevant in Rochester again and the teams NHL parent recognizing the same thing it really does give a sense of optimism.

To bring ourselves back down to earth for a moment, I do agree with those that are saying it all sounds great in writing but we won’t know anything until the roster is assembled for opening night and the puck drops.

Training camp opens in nine days, maybe there will be more than 10 of us there to watch?

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Panthers Finish Day 1 of Rookie Camp

September 8, 2009 - By

It was an exciting day for hockey fans on Monday as a number of teams including the Florida Panthers started their first official practices for the rookies.  Here’s a couple of reports out of camp, I don’t have plans to post updates often unless something spectacular is reported out of camp so check the links.

We have reasons to be optimistic about the upcoming season along with reasons to not get our hopes up just yet.  We’ll know more when October arrives, the lineup is complete, and games have started being played.  Until that happens we’ll continue to read how great everyone looks and the potential they have.

From Litter Box Cats:

A few quick thoughts: Evgeny Dadonov appeared in game-ready condition; he’s a smaller guy, but quick and possessing a nice wrister. Dmitry Kulikov is similar in size, with a Keith Ballard-ish stature and a hint of what may be toughness. Certainly was not out of place among his brethren. A number of participants seemed to be a half-step behind the drills, but I had to continually remind myself that this is Day One; midseason form we ain’t gonna get. Michal Repik remains the speedster he was at [...]Read More

A few Panthers/Amerks Related Stories

September 1, 2009 - By

The Florida Panthers open training camp in less than two weeks (Sept 12th) and most of the players are set to return to Florida next week (Sept 6th) so it’s time to share a few Panthers related stories (courtesy of The Litter Box) and how they relate to the Amerks.  The Litter Box is an excellent site that is part of the growing SB Nation, an excellent network of sports blogs.  Keep that site bookmarked if you want to stay up to date on the Panthers.

*** Panthers plan season without GM — This probably explains the lack of activity by the Panthers this summer.  On the flipside this summer has felt like a dream come true for Amerks fans compared to the previous few years.  The owner has been busy spending money signing players building a team that should be a contender, at least on paper.  One concern has been that the Panthers could call up some of these players should they need help, such as Jeff Taffe.

*** Panthers Roster — speaking of Taffe, the Panthers web site was updated with the teams roster to also include numbers and on that roster is Jeff [...]Read More

Brine Returning; Larman, Glass and Others May Not

June 30, 2009 - By

A few familiar faces for Rochester Americans fans will probably not be returning to the Florida Panthers organization next season as the free agency period is about to begin.  The only two restricted free agents that were offered qualifying offers were David Booth and David Brine.

David Brine finished last season with 31 points (8 goals, 23 assists) and was the Amerks best center at taking face offs.  Brine played nine games during the 2007-2008 season for the Panthers.  This will be his year to step up his game.

Former Amerks from previous seasons Anthony Stewart, Drew Larman, David Shantz, Franklin MacDonald, and Tanner Glass were not given offers and allowed to become unrestricted free agents.

Luke Beaverson will likely replace the role MacDonald had on defense.  We’re hoping that a veteran center will be signed to replace Larman.  Tyler Plante, Alexander Salak, and Chris Beckford-Tseu will be fulfilling goaltending duties in the Panthers system.

The only real surprise here was Tanner Glass, but Florida Panthers Assistant GM Randy Sexton said that they would like to sign him again.  The play of Glass last season was hampered by a shoulder injury that he eventually had surgery on which leads me [...]Read More