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It’s Not All Doom and Gloom Between Amerks and Panthers

June 3, 2010 - By

Depending on who you talk to or what you read you would think that the divorce is all but finalized between the Rochester Americans and Florida Panthers, but that’s not entirely true.  It’s not over because the Amerks and Panthers new General Manager have not even had a chance to meet yet to discuss how they envision the partnership developing.

When it was announced in the news papers on Monday that Benoit Groulx had handed in his resignation to the Florida Panthers we learned that the Panthers did not call anyone within the Amerks organization to let them know.  The Amerks also did not try to contact anyone within the Florida Panthers organization.

Lewis Staats was called by Bill Torrey the day that Dale Tallon was going to be announced as the new Panthers GM and advised it would be a few weeks before Tallon would be available.  Tallon has been busy with his travels to Germany for the World Championships, the NHL Combine in Toronto and the GM Meetings this week.  That’s the same time frame I was given when I inquired about an interview with Tallon.  That all makes sense, but if time was found to talk to [...]Read More

Dale Tallon to be Named GM of Florida Panthers

May 17, 2010 - By

The revolving door with the Florida Panthers organization continues with the news that Dale Tallon will take over the role of general manager replacing Randy Sexton (reported by George Richards), he’ll also be the Panthers third GM in three years.  Tallon is the former GM of the Chicago Blackhawks and has been in the role of a senior adviser since July 2009.  Tallon is credited with turning the Blackhawks around from a last place team to the contender that they are today.

That’s good news for the Florida Panthers bringing in someone with some experience in turning a team around.  We’ll have to wait and see what it means for the Rochester Americans.  The Ice Hogs have had a competitive team with winning records in recent years, not sure how much he had to do with it though.

We’ve all questioned the comments by Randy Sexton about the players and coaching staff here in Rochester and now they mean nothing as someone new will have to come in and “evaluate things.”  That can only mean good news for the Amerks, if he does his homework.

Bob McKenzie sent out a tweet saying that Randy Sexton has been let [...]Read More

The Groulx Debate Rages On; from Hockey O-Zone

May 8, 2010 - By

The Rochester Americans season has been over for almost two weeks now and it’s pretty obvious that people are still surprised by the first round loss.  A Hershey Bears fan recently read a Hockey News article about Graham Mink being scratched for game 7 and was amazed.  The debate about the fate of Benoit Groulx also continues, I was at my sons baseball game last week when someone brought it up out of nowhere.

It’s interesting that the team had what many consider a wasted season and there’s only one person that everyone seems to point the finger to.  Typically when a sports team makes an early exit from the playoffs the media and fans start pointing fingers at players who did not perform up to expectations.

Kevin Oklobzija wrote a blog entry today about the Groulx debate and brought up some more points and also had a few quotes from Randy Sexton as well.  Here’s one that stands out:

Sexton said he’s well aware of complaints. He heard the fans (who didn’t). He also heard and/or read what some players had to say about Groulx.

But player complaints not made directly to Sexton have little credibility, [...]Read More

Randy Sexton on Amerks Coach Benoit Groulx

May 5, 2010 - By

A week after the game 7 loss to the Abbotsford Heat the hot topic amongst Amerks fans is the fate of Amerks head coach Benoit Groulx who has one year left on his contract.  The issues most have with the coach were decisions made during the playoffs, perceived lack of strategies during the season and also an issue of respect between the players and coach.

No one should expect that someone from either the Florida Panthers or Rochester Americans organization would say anything bad about the guy or that his job is in jeopardy.

I asked Randy Sexton about the thoughts players have given to the press and also the response from the crowd he heard in game 7 to which he responded, “I think Ben did a very good job for us.”

“We came in 29th place last year, this year we came  in 10th.  Granted we had more talent but at times this year we had up to 14 guys out of the lineup and we continued to enjoy success.”

An NHL General Manager is expected to give those types of answers.  The same types of answers that Ted Nolan and Lewis Staats gave.  We’d all love to [...]Read More

Players Leaving Panthers System in Rochester Feeling No Respect

May 4, 2010 - By

The Rochester Americans, the Florida Panthers affiliate in the American Hockey League, recorded history this week when they were eliminated in the first round of the AHL playoffs after getting out to a 3-1 series lead.  It was a devastating loss for a team that was built to make a run for the Calder Cup.  After a loss like that players will typically call it disappointing, but the players took it a step further calling the entire season wasted.

(this also appeared on, a great Panthers site over on Sports Blog Nation)

There was one player more than willing to share his thoughts the day after the playoffs ended last week and his feelings towards the Florida Panthers, the player was Jamie Johnson.  He was the Amerks leading scorer (27 goals + 44 assists), on a two way contract, played through his own injuries, gave a solid effort when half the team was called up and also played in all 80 games but never once got a call from the Panthers.  I asked him if he would come back next season and he said he does not want anything to do with Florida.

“They haven’t [...]Read More

Game 2: Stay Out of the Box and Play Physical Near the Net

April 17, 2010 - By

It’s only game two of a seven game series tonight between the Amerks and Heat but it’s possibly one of the most important games.  If the Heat win and return home for three games everything is in their favor.  If the Amerks win the series starts over as a best of five with three straight in Abbotsford and the Heat are not as good on home ice.  I’m heading down to the arena shortly for the morning skate and hopefully it’s not the last.

The game plan should be pretty simple, stay out of the penalty box, create some battles in front of David Shantz and do not let Keith Seabrook shoot the puck from the blue line.  Seabrook had two goals on Thursday night, the first and the game winner.

Attendance should be better tonight for game two at 7:05pm at Blue Cross Arena.  The Red Wings are scheduled to open their season today at home but the weather does not look to be very baseball like.  Pass the word, get some fans in the building to cheer on the hometown team.  The Sabres play at 1pm so keep the day going with more WNY playoff hockey!

A few [...]Read More

Gameday: Rory Out, Observartions, Matthias has the Experience

April 15, 2010 - By

The Rochester Americans and Abbotsford Heat face off tonight for Game 1 of their Calder Cup playoff series.  The Amerks missed the playoffs the last two seasons after having two of the worst teams in franchise history.  A pretty remarkable turnaround, big thanks to the wallet of Amerks Owner Curt Styres.

A few quick things before the part about Matthias:

** Rory Fitzpatrick is a healthy scratch, that’s the biggest news.  Mathieu Roy is in.  Roy has only played in one game for the Amerks and is coming off of an ankle injury. Sucks for Fitzpatrick, but a healthy Roy is probably better.  Is game #1 of the playoffs the time to really take a gamble and expect 20 minutes out of the guy?  Groulx is taking a gamble, hopefully it pays off.

Has the Captain of a team ever been forced to sit in game 1 like this? Rory didn’t sound too happy in his comments to Kevin O at Hockey O-Zone.  It’s part of the game, but… why make him the captain if you don’t think you can count on him?

** Rob Tallas, the Panthers goalie coach has already left town.  At least Salak and Plante got [...]Read More

Amerks Roster Set for Run at the Playoffs; Repik Up

March 11, 2010 - By

The only roster move on Wednesday was Michal Repik being called up to the Florida Panthers.  There were no clear day roster moves to help toughen up the blue line.  There had been talk by Amerks and Panthers management that they wanted to make a change or two but as it turns out nothing happened.  Looking at the bigger picture and the amount of teams in the AHL the amount of moves is usually minimal.

The rosters can consist of 20 players and two goalies.  A player can be replaced because of injuries or call ups.  Also, players brought in from college or junior leagues are exempt and can be added at any time.

The Florida Panthers did loan Craig Weller to the Chicago Wolves, a move that many had thought would see a player loaned back to the Amerks in exchange.  Weller had been acquired from the Boston Bruins in a trade that also included Dennis Seidenberg.  Weller was set to make another $100k this season which is probably why the deal happened, a salary dump.

We could debate and discuss and question why nothing happened, but that wouldn’t be very productive (right now).  The clear day roster was [...]Read More

Panthers Acquire Mathieu Roy for Amerks, Too Bad He's Injured

March 3, 2010 - By

The Amerks have struggled in a number of areas for most of the season, the one area they’ve needed improvement on since day one has been defense.  That’s something the Amerks management has talked to the Panthers about and prior to the trade deadline the Panthers made a move.  They traded prospect Matt Rust for defenseman Mathieu Roy from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Amerks fans may think the name sounds familiar and it should, he has played for cross state rival Syracuse Crunch this season.

There are two downsides to the move.  One is that Roy is out with an ankle injury.  The other is that he’s going to be considered an exempt veteran.  Clay Wilson is currently the exempt veteran on the Amerks roster, meaning more than 260 pro games and less than 320 prior to the start of this season.

The positive is that the Panthers did make a move.  They also made a move for a stay at home physical player to help out on defense, again the area this Amerks team has lacked since day one.  But, what’s the point when healthy players who are valuable to the roster will be forced [...]Read More

Randy Sexton Comments on Amerks, Says Things are Ok

March 3, 2010 - By

Randy Sexton met with the media in Florida today to talk about trade deadline day and according to him the Rochester Americans have got things back on track.  Sexton commented on the Amerks being 4-1-1 in their past six games and also said that the goal tending has gotten better.

Interesting.  Let me put my boots on, something is getting deeper in here.

The Amerks are 3-3 in their past six games and 4-6 in the past 10 games.  The Amerks have also been outscored 35-29 over the past 10 games.  As for the goalies, I’m not really sure how they’ve gotten better.  If the guy had traveled to Rochester to watch some games he would have seen with his own two eyes that things are not as they appear.  Two of those three wins have come against last place teams and the other was thanks to last minute heroics by Mike York.

He’s getting his information from someone in Rochester, it’s obviously not from this web site or from reading the Democrat and Chronicle.  We appear to share the same views and doubts about the potential of this team.  That leaves the Rochester coaching staff [...]Read More

Panthers 2010 Preseason Game; Affiliation; Curt's Wallet

November 19, 2009 - By

The big news of the day was the Florida Panthers announcing a preseason game in Rochester against the Boston Bruins on September 23, 1010.  A mere 10 months in advance.

Florida Panthers GM Randy Sexton was already in town following the Panthers 6-2 win over the Sabres on Wednesday night and will also be at the Amerks game on Friday night.

Any positive news is good news.  This is being done because it’s something Curt Styres had asked about and the Panthers said they could do if it could be worked out.

Randy Sexton also said that if the schedule allows the Panthers could also spend a couple of days practicing here in Rochester.  It will all depend on the rest of the schedule.

Preseason games can be exciting because a lot of younger players are giving it their all to try and show the big club they have the skills to play in the NHL.  We all know there are not a lot of Florida Panthers fans in Rochester but it’ll be a number of Amerks on the team so it should be a good team.  Add in the Boston Bruins and as long as [...]Read More

Amerks Press Conference on Thursday and Panthers Ownership

November 17, 2009 - By

In an announcement on Monday the Rochester Americans and Florida Panthers will hold a press conference on Thursday to talk about their plans for next season.  It’s exciting yet surprising that the current season has really just begun and next year is already being talked about publicly.

I’m guessing that they’ll talk about continuing with the same formula that has helped the success of this season, the negotiations for an extension of the affiliation, and the possibility of a Panthers preseason game here in Rochester.  These are all my guesses based on previous statements by the two teams.

An extension of the affiliation prior to the end of the season will be key in avoiding any distractions from talks about Buffalo and Rochester getting back together.

At the press conference will be Florida Panthers General Manager Randy Sexton, Rochester Americans Owner and CEO Curt Styres, Rochester Americans President Lewis Staats, and Rochester Americans VP of Hockey Operations Ted Nolan.

Florida Panthers Ownership

The Florida Panthers introduced Stuart Siegel and Cliff Viner as co-managing partners of the team on Monday.  The two have had a minority stake in the Panthers but will be taking over controlling interest [...]Read More