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Steve Donner’s Thoughts on Lease Drama and HOF night

March 8, 2017 - By
Steve Donner’s Thoughts on Lease Drama and HOF night

Over the past week many of us have come to realize that while PSE may be using the media to leverage a better lease and renovation deal, there also is real sense that we could possibly lose our beloved Amerks. I thought it would be useful and interesting to chat with former Amerks owner and Calder Cup champion Steve Donner and get his thoughts on everything transpiring. No matter your feelings on Steve Donner, few people have the insight, experience, successes and failures with all of this than he does. He is very much up to date on Amerks news and we even discussed the recent excellent HOF class of Kevin Oklobzija and Scotty Nichol.

I thank Steve for taking time out of his busy schedule in Florida that includes running & renovating his rink (for a new Juniors team) and working to get his pork/beef (Abe’s Finest Meats) hots into a difficult market that currently favors all beef hots.

Steve Donner owned the Amerks from 1995 until 2008 which included the 1996 Calder Cup championship. He also started the Rochester Knighthawks in 1994, was a part owner of the Rochester Rhinos soccer team and part owner of the Rochester Rattlers outdoor [...]Read More

History of Lease Problems and Conditions at Blue Cross Arena, Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement

March 3, 2017 - By
History of Lease Problems and Conditions at Blue Cross Arena, Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the future of the Rochester Americans in Rochester with it’s lease and the condition of Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. Anyone who has followed things behind the scenes over the last decade will recognize that none of this is new. Everything that has happened has been a non stop band-aid going all the way back to the arena renovations in the 90’s. Here we are 20 years later and it’s deja vu with the same thing happening again.

(Featured image is has been altered, was not really displayed on the marquee)

Let’s recap some Amerks ownership history over the last 10 years.

While Steve Donner was known to have some financial issue,s one thing that didn’t help was what became an unfavorable lease operating out of the building (ex. no cut of concessions). It was a mess between he, his partners, Larry Quinn, the Sabres and the City of Rochester in his final years as owner. It’s one of many reasons that lead to the unfavorable dual affiliation before the sale of the team and then the Florida Panther years.

When Curt Styres purchased the Amerks he was able [...]Read More

This is OUR City and This is OUR Team

October 16, 2009 - By

Dear Rochester, This is OUR city and the Rochester Americans are OUR team.  The local media has been trying to tell you that the success of the Rochester Americans depends on the Buffalo Sabres, I’m here to tell you to stop listening to them.

Curt Styres believes in the City of Rochester.  Styres believes in these teams.  Curt Styres spent about $500,000 on player salaries for this season, last year he probably lost millions.  If he didn’t care about the Knighthawks why would HE pay for bus loads of fans to go to a playoff game in New York City?

This team is full of quality veterans and prospects.  This team is predicted by every media outlet and fan to make the playoffs with a real chance of going beyond the first round.  This team has an exciting duo of goaltenders that should be great throughout the season.

This is the Rochester Americans playing their 54th season in the American Hockey League.  This team is different this year.  This is OUR city.  This is OUR team.  We are our own city, we’re not the armpit of Buffalo.

The Amerks play at home tonight Friday October 16th [...]Read More

Sitting Down With Steve Donner of the Rochester Americans

August 18, 2008 - By

On Saturday afternoon Steve Donner took some time to sit down with a group fans in the middle of August in the Amerks locker room to discuss the past and future of the team.  It was a great opportunity for everyone, how often does an owner/president/whatever his role is now sit down with fans to discuss hockey.  The discussion was enlightening and brought back a sense of optimism after the worst season in Amerks’ history.

All topics were touched on from the Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, the affiliation, new ownership, money, veterans, leadership, coaches, pride, tradition, politics, advertising, marketing, concessions, jerseys, radio, and even the television broadcasts.  I’ll break things down into categories and still hope all of this information is not all over the place.


The discussion of who wanted to be a sole affiliate and who wanted the dual has gone back and forth for some time.  The Buffalo Sabres were right in saying they wanted to be the sole affiliate with the Amerks and even wanted a long term agreement, the catch was that they could then bring in a sub affiliate that they controlled.  So, technically they would have been the sole affiliate.  More on [...]Read More

Golisano Doubts The 29-year Marriage Can Be Saved

November 28, 2007 - By

“I think it may be too late,” Golisano said on Tuesday afternoon, following his speech to the Rochester branch of the American Marketing Association at the Riverside Convention Center.

A lot can be said regarding the relationship the Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres have had in recent years, but we also wonder a lot about what is going on with the current financial situation of the Rochester Americans.

The Buffalo Sabres have shown interest in buying the Amerks and then signing a contract with the city of Rochester to manage Blue Cross Arena, yet Steve Donner has not shown interest in selling the team.  Steve Donner has reported though that he has two potential investors that are interested in purchasing a stake in the Amerks.

A number of questions have been raised that we are yet to have any answers for.

If the Sabres doubt the 29-year marriage between the two teams can be saved, who would the Sabres obtain an affiliation with?

The Florida Panthers have reportedly been looking into establishing an affiliation elsewhere, but with the Sabres out of the picture would the Panthers remain solely with the Amerks?

If neither the Sabres nor Panthers are interested in staying [...]Read More