Steve Donner

History of Lease Problems and Conditions at Blue Cross Arena, Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the future of the Rochester Americans in Rochester with it’s lease and the condition of Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. Anyone who has followed things behind the scenes over the last decade will recognize that none of this is new. Everything that has happened …
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This is OUR City and This is OUR Team

Dear Rochester, This is OUR city and the Rochester Americans are OUR team.  The local media has been trying to tell you that the success of the Rochester Americans depends on the Buffalo Sabres, I’m here to tell you to stop listening to them. Curt Styres believes in the City of Rochester.  Styres believes in …
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Golisano Doubts The 29-year Marriage Can Be Saved

“I think it may be too late,” Golisano said on Tuesday afternoon, following his speech to the Rochester branch of the American Marketing Association at the Riverside Convention Center. A lot can be said regarding the relationship the Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres have had in recent years, but we also wonder a lot about what is …
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