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Sabres Respond to Reports of Amerks Moving to Another Arena

February 28, 2017 - By
Sabres Respond to Reports of Amerks Moving to Another Arena

As another lousy season heads into the home stretch and another year without a long term lease it’s time for some more rumblings and rumors about the future of the Rochester Americans in Rochester. Unless a long term lease was never reported the Amerks have been running on one year lease extensions based on the terms of a lease that expired in 2013. In the late spring of 2015 it was confirmed that the Sabres had thought about playing up to half of the Amerks games in Buffalo before backing away from that.

Here’s what developed on Monday (Wednesday afternoon update down farther):

Rumor is the Sabres have reached out to other arenas to house their AHL affiliate next season. Their lease with the BCA is up this year

— Comets Army (@CometsArmy) February 27, 2017

Report: Sabres look beyond BCA for Amerks, Russ Brandon “Nothing to that. Always need to keep options open but no plans to be anywhere else.

— Mike Catalana (@MikeCatalana) February 27, 2017

Update 3/1 – From D&CAmerks officials in Rochester referred questions to Buffalo. In a statement Wednesday, Pegula Sports said that ownership “has been engaged in [...]Read More

Amerks Fans, Share Suggestions I Can Deliver to Ted Black

November 14, 2011 - By
Amerks Fans, Share Suggestions I Can Deliver to Ted Black

On Tuesday evening the Buffalo Sabres will are having a “Live Suggestion Box” hosted by Ted Black that I’ll be attending (along with others who write about the Sabres/Amerks) to continue the trend they’ve started.  Everyone who has been invited is being asked to share what our readers are suggesting, what we’ve heard or what suggestions we have.

There’s a lot of great things that have happened since Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans, one of those things is that they continually listen to the fans for suggestions like this.  They’re not only listening to suggestions but continue to make changes as they can to improve the overall experience.

So Rochester Americans fans, share with me any suggestions you’d like addressed and I’ll do my best to get it addressed.  The questions can be related to just about anything.  The arena, tickets, concessions, the front office, the merchandise, the toilet paper or whatever.. share it with me and I’ll share it with them.  If there’s something you’ve submitted to the suggestion box that you don’t think has been touched on let me know.

If you’re a Sabres fan you can also leave suggestions, I’m sure many of the others in attendance will [...]Read More

Ted Black Delivered My Season Tickets, Excitement Building

September 30, 2011 - By
Ted Black Delivered My Season Tickets, Excitement Building

When the Rochester Americans posted on their Facebook page asking for reasons why people should be selected to get their season tickets delivered I jokingly responded, “Easy answer.. it’s a Friday.. Ted Black likes beer.. my fridge is stocked with Genny Light, a Rochester beer.”  I didn’t expect to get a call or even expect him to be the one delivering my tickets but it was (easy article giving them praise?).

I’m a season ticket holder and  as a customer I had no hesitation taking advantage of this perk!  Rob Kopacz (Vice President of Business Operations) was also with Ted Black, was an honor to have a casual conversation with both of them.  When they arrived I offered them a cold Genny Light as promised and we talked for a short time.

(Genny is not a sponsor in any way, I just love the beer.. Genny you can call me, I’m open to ideas!)

Reading the Tweets from the @Sabresdotcom, @Amerkshockey and @kevinodandc as these deliveries were made it’s hard not to get a sense of excitement for the start of the Amerks season a week from tomorrow in Hamilton.  The front office, coaching staff and players were out in the community [...]Read More

Amerks News Stories this Week: Salaries, Coaches, Schedule, Videos

August 19, 2011 - By
Amerks News Stories this Week: Salaries, Coaches, Schedule, Videos

It’s a Friday afternoon and there’s a few different Amerks related news items that were either posted this week or were out there but not posted here.  Anyways, in case you missed it here’s a way to catch up on Rochester Americans related news items from this past week or so.  This covers everything from the teams long tenured trainer, assistant coaches, salary stashing and some videos.

Kent Weisbeck

After 26 years a Rochester Americans Hall of Famer and someone many players consider one of the best trainers was advised he would be without a job heading into the coming season.  A tough situation.

Kevin O wrote:

This is very much a case of life not being fair. The Sabres actually were being fair in one regard: to the people they hired to work for them in Portland. It would not have been right to kick to the curb the Pirates’ medical guy, Robert Frost, or the Pirates’ equipment manager, Rochester native Ben Laing. They were members of the Sabres organization; they deserved just treatment.

But it’s very unfair to someone who for 26 years was loyal to the Amerks. All those games. All those practices. All those bus rides. [...]Read More

Amerks Season Ticket Sales Lead the American Hockey League

July 27, 2011 - By
Amerks Season Ticket Sales Lead the American Hockey League

When the Buffalo Sabres announced that they had bought the Rochester Americans one of the things they announced was that all season tickets were going to be $10 only for any ticket in the building.  Sounds like that’s paying off in numbers.

Ted Black stated today at the press conference that the Amerks have already exceeded last seasons number of season tickets by 20%.  He also said that the Amerks lead the American Hockey League in new FULL season ticket holder sales.  To get to these numbers they’ve been averaging about 100 new sales a week.

An exciting team from day one on the ice playing exciting hockey should lead to consistent crowds this city hasn’t seen in the past decade.  The buzz about Amerks hockey continues to build.

If we make it to every game in the first season I wonder if we’ll make the “Pegula List” for perfect attendance?  Do we graduate and get a diploma if the team gets a Calder Cup?  Silly questions.. sounds like a silly promotion too!

Quick Recap of the Sabres Press Conference Buying the Amerks

June 29, 2011 - By
Quick Recap of the Sabres Press Conference Buying the Amerks

That was quite the morning at Blue Cross Arena where the Buffalo Sabres officially announced the purchase of the Rochester Americans. At the head table was Dave Andrews, Darcy Regier, Terry Pegula, and Ted Black with the Mayor of Rochester and County Executive sitting in the front row. There was a lot of time spent talking to everyone in attendance which reduced the amount of time I have to write but will give a quick recap and you can be guaranteed there’ll be more to come.

Through this whole deal there’s two sides to what’s going on.  You have die hard Rochester Americans fans who want the team to get back to winning a Calder Cup and then you have Buffalo Sabres fans who want to see the players develop.  Both sides have a valid discussion point.

The one thing I shrugged about was how many times the Stanley Cup was mentioned but not once was the Calder Cup spoke of.  There’s definitely a lot of talk about being committed to winning hockey games in Rochester and the Sabres know that needs to happen.  They get that players need to develop but they also need to win.  One of the [...]Read More

AHL Approval and Details All that Remain of Amerks Sale to the Sabres

June 24, 2011 - By
AHL Approval and Details All that Remain of Amerks Sale to the Sabres

Curt Styres selling the Rochester Americans franchise to Terry Pegula of the Buffalo Sabres has been as much of a secret as Terry Pegula buying the Sabres earlier this year.  Everyone has known it’s happening, the only thing that held things up was all of the legal mumbo jumbo and league approval, two things that were guaranteed to happen.  That’s the same thing that has been happening with the sale of the Amerks to the Sabres.

All indications point to the paperwork being finalized and the only thing remaining is approval of the American Hockey League Board of Governors that will be meeting early next week in Hilton Head. Is there any reason the league would not approve this sale?  Of course not.  Everyone knows the Amerks need it for long term health of the franchise and the AHL could use one of it’s oldest teams back at the top of their game.

I’m pretty confident others will have all of the details (costs, negotiations, fate of the Amerks front office etc) before I do but it’s safe to say this deal is complete, every i has a dot and every t is crossed.

The Terry Pegula WNY hockey empire [...]Read More

Countdown to the Sale, Shouldn’t be Any Doubters

June 22, 2011 - By
Countdown to the Sale, Shouldn’t be Any Doubters

There’s going to be a lot more to talk about next week once this sale is 100% approved and finalized and signed, until then all we have are these little things that point to it being a done deal for those who still don’t believe.  The American Hockey League invited teams to Springfield, MA for their marketing meetings and one team is missing, the Rochester Americans.

Why is that?  There’s no reason any of the current Amerks staff would attend when they have no idea what they’ll be able to do once this sale is final or if they’ll even have jobs.  The Buffalo Sabres wouldn’t send anyone because they currently don’t have any control over an AHL team.  If there was any doubt this wasn’t going to happen or that it was going to be an affiliation and not a sale to the Sabres (or an affiliation with another NHL team) someone from the Amerks staff would be present.

If you follow @letsgoamerks on Twitter you likely caught the mention of June 28th being the possible date for an announcement.  Why that date?  It’s during The AHL’s board of governor meetings in Hilton Head.  As Kevin Oklobzija mentioned, current Amerks Owner [...]Read More