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History of Lease Problems and Conditions at Blue Cross Arena, Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement

March 3, 2017 - By
History of Lease Problems and Conditions at Blue Cross Arena, Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the future of the Rochester Americans in Rochester with it’s lease and the condition of Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. Anyone who has followed things behind the scenes over the last decade will recognize that none of this is new. Everything that has happened has been a non stop band-aid going all the way back to the arena renovations in the 90’s. Here we are 20 years later and it’s deja vu with the same thing happening again.

(Featured image is has been altered, was not really displayed on the marquee)

Let’s recap some Amerks ownership history over the last 10 years.

While Steve Donner was known to have some financial issue,s one thing that didn’t help was what became an unfavorable lease operating out of the building (ex. no cut of concessions). It was a mess between he, his partners, Larry Quinn, the Sabres and the City of Rochester in his final years as owner. It’s one of many reasons that lead to the unfavorable dual affiliation before the sale of the team and then the Florida Panther years.

When Curt Styres purchased the Amerks he was able [...]Read More

Amerks, Playoffs and Darcy

April 11, 2013 - By
Amerks, Playoffs and Darcy

After a second frustrating trade deadline in a row, Eric Bourgeois and Jason Bonno discuss the Amerk playoff roster (who’s on it, who is not), playoff chances……..and Darcy Regier.

Kevin Porter

Eric: He was clearly very important to the team in many ways as its captain and is sorely missed. Good for him in getting NHL time, but I think he would have cleared waivers so that he could have played with us in the playoffs.

Jason: This was a tough blow to the Amerks. Porter’s speed and puck possession were elite at the AHL level, and are two things the Amerks severely lack currently. He was the backbone of the Amerks forwards. Beyond his offensive abilities, he was also responsible defensively and was a key PK’er. I can’t say 100%, but my guess is he would have cleared waivers. His 1-way deal next season was a nice security blanket and probably would have scared off teams from claiming him.

Cody Hodgson and Marcus Foligno

Eric: I’m okay with considering them “graduated” and therefore not eligible for the playoffs here, but boy does the Buffalo organization need some playoff experience for its young players. And it’s not like Hodgson [...]Read More

Pegula’s Letter: The Goal Now is to Win a Calder Cup

July 3, 2011 - By
Pegula’s Letter: The Goal Now is to Win a Calder Cup

Any Rochester Americans fans who have still had doubts about the new Pegula owned Amerks should be at ease after reading either the letter they got in the mail as a season ticket holder or the full page note on the back of section A in Sunday’s Democrat and Chronicle.

There’s a lot in it but the one section that sticks out the most:

Along with each player and fan, we have all shared one vision: to bring a chmpionship to our region. As we turn the page on a new chapter of Buffalo Sabres hockey, the goal now is to win the Calder Cup on the way to ultimately winning the Stanley Cup.

There you have it.  It’s what Amerks fans have wanted to hear and he has delivered.  As you read the letter or have already read the letter you get the feeling he cares for more than just “development” which has been a concern for many (and for good reason).  The commitment to winning is the key to success for any sports franchise and it’s a desire and promise from the Pegula family.  What an exciting time for hockey in Western New York!

Here’s the full letter:

Dear Amerks [...]Read More

Quick Recap of the Sabres Press Conference Buying the Amerks

June 29, 2011 - By
Quick Recap of the Sabres Press Conference Buying the Amerks

That was quite the morning at Blue Cross Arena where the Buffalo Sabres officially announced the purchase of the Rochester Americans. At the head table was Dave Andrews, Darcy Regier, Terry Pegula, and Ted Black with the Mayor of Rochester and County Executive sitting in the front row. There was a lot of time spent talking to everyone in attendance which reduced the amount of time I have to write but will give a quick recap and you can be guaranteed there’ll be more to come.

Through this whole deal there’s two sides to what’s going on.  You have die hard Rochester Americans fans who want the team to get back to winning a Calder Cup and then you have Buffalo Sabres fans who want to see the players develop.  Both sides have a valid discussion point.

The one thing I shrugged about was how many times the Stanley Cup was mentioned but not once was the Calder Cup spoke of.  There’s definitely a lot of talk about being committed to winning hockey games in Rochester and the Sabres know that needs to happen.  They get that players need to develop but they also need to win.  One of the [...]Read More

More Details About the Sale to the Sabres

June 24, 2011 - By
More Details About the Sale to the Sabres

Lewis Staats was just on WHTK 1280 with John DiTullio and shared a few more details about the sale to the Sabres, the most interesting being that the Sabres initiated the talks asking if the Amerks were for sale.

As we’re all aware, there were a number of things involved that had to be taken care of for the sale of the Amerks franchise.  There’s a lot more than just a piece of paper saying the players would come here.

Going back to the start of the 2010/2011 season, the Amerks informed the Florida Panthers that they would not be renewing the current affiliation agreement that was in place.  There’s obvious reasons the Panthers era needed to end, I’ll leave it at that.

It was a no brainer that the Amerks would want to speak with the Buffalo Sabres about a new affiliation but one of the road blocks for the Amerks at that time was that the Buffalo Sabres had just announced an extension with the Portland Pirates which prevented them from talking.

We all know that the majority of hockey fans in the City of Rochester were always telling Curt Styres and Lewis Staats that they wanted the Buffalo [...]Read More

AHL Approval and Details All that Remain of Amerks Sale to the Sabres

June 24, 2011 - By
AHL Approval and Details All that Remain of Amerks Sale to the Sabres

Curt Styres selling the Rochester Americans franchise to Terry Pegula of the Buffalo Sabres has been as much of a secret as Terry Pegula buying the Sabres earlier this year.  Everyone has known it’s happening, the only thing that held things up was all of the legal mumbo jumbo and league approval, two things that were guaranteed to happen.  That’s the same thing that has been happening with the sale of the Amerks to the Sabres.

All indications point to the paperwork being finalized and the only thing remaining is approval of the American Hockey League Board of Governors that will be meeting early next week in Hilton Head. Is there any reason the league would not approve this sale?  Of course not.  Everyone knows the Amerks need it for long term health of the franchise and the AHL could use one of it’s oldest teams back at the top of their game.

I’m pretty confident others will have all of the details (costs, negotiations, fate of the Amerks front office etc) before I do but it’s safe to say this deal is complete, every i has a dot and every t is crossed.

The Terry Pegula WNY hockey empire [...]Read More

Countdown to the Sale, Shouldn’t be Any Doubters

June 22, 2011 - By
Countdown to the Sale, Shouldn’t be Any Doubters

There’s going to be a lot more to talk about next week once this sale is 100% approved and finalized and signed, until then all we have are these little things that point to it being a done deal for those who still don’t believe.  The American Hockey League invited teams to Springfield, MA for their marketing meetings and one team is missing, the Rochester Americans.

Why is that?  There’s no reason any of the current Amerks staff would attend when they have no idea what they’ll be able to do once this sale is final or if they’ll even have jobs.  The Buffalo Sabres wouldn’t send anyone because they currently don’t have any control over an AHL team.  If there was any doubt this wasn’t going to happen or that it was going to be an affiliation and not a sale to the Sabres (or an affiliation with another NHL team) someone from the Amerks staff would be present.

If you follow @letsgoamerks on Twitter you likely caught the mention of June 28th being the possible date for an announcement.  Why that date?  It’s during The AHL’s board of governor meetings in Hilton Head.  As Kevin Oklobzija mentioned, current Amerks Owner [...]Read More

WGRZ Reports Pegula Finalizing Purchase of Amerks

May 17, 2011 - By

In the past week things sure have gotten interesting and today WGRZ in Buffalo is reporting that Terry Pegula is in the final stages of purchasing the Rochester Americans.

Updated 6pm: My own sources have also confirmed this will happen. There’s a reason both sides are staying quiet at this time.

They wrote:

Negotiations have intensified over the past couple of weeks, and that the deal has either reached, or is close to reaching its conclusion.

The Sabres would offer no confirmation, but did reaffirm that they are “looking at all aspects of the organization, including the AHL affiliation long and short term.”

Sounds like it’s all but a done deal.  As long as they keep any type of Sabres logo off of the Amerks sweater and ice surface I’m all for it.  Pegula and his team understand the NEED TO WIN to be successful.

Just as Curt Styres stepped in to basically save the franchise he has continually face an uphill battle with the situation he was given.  Towards the end of this past season Lewis Staats had made a comment that when they started they would evaluate the business after three years.  I think this is a [...]Read More