Buffalo Sabres

Sabres/Amerks Divorce is Final

The Portland Pirates have a press conference scheduled for Tuesday June 10th to introduce their new affiliation, that being with the Buffalo Sabres. The Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres have been affiliated for the past 29 years. The past six months between the two teams has been like a bitter divorce battle. The ongoing saga …
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Sabres Affiliation ‘Days Away’ from Being Over

It has been known since December 2007 that the Buffalo Sabres affiliation with the Rochester Americans was near an end after 29 years. Now, Darcy Regier says an announcement is days away. The announcement is the Buffalo Sabres are signing an agreement with the Portland Pirates. A number of people have questioned whether it was …
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Golisano Doubts The 29-year Marriage Can Be Saved

“I think it may be too late,” Golisano said on Tuesday afternoon, following his speech to the Rochester branch of the American Marketing Association at the Riverside Convention Center. A lot can be said regarding the relationship the Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres have had in recent years, but we also wonder a lot about what is …
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